How To Write SEO Content On Your Website?

Content Writing | January 10, 2020

When you are developing your website, and you incorporate SEO best practices during the development, it will be your best investment practice that will pay for itself many times over. Here, taking assistance from ValueHits’ SEO Content Writing Services will help you stay on top. Staying aware of how a page ranks on the search engine will ensure that your content is being crawled and indexed. By understanding the general rules of optimization and publishing content, your business will be able to drive traffic on its website.


Everything starts by auditing your site. You need to make sure your pages are being crawled and indexed. Tools available on the internet like SEMRush help you audit your website easily. All you have to do is insert your website URL and the software will crawl your site like Google and will provide you with a report on the technical aspects of your website. In this report, you will find the URLs that have been crawled and the URLs that have been no-indexed. Additionally, you can find reports on indexing issues, duplicate content, broken links, etc.

Before you start with your content, here’s what you need to do:

1) Research your ranking options:

Which keywords will work best for your website is a process that can be broken down into 3:

(i) A cluster of topics: Create a blueprint of all the keywords that will be used in your content. Describe your main keyword topic along with the subtopics that will cover the different aspects. Although the main page will describe all the services that your company provides, each subtopic will require separate pages which helps to dwell deeper into your company’s services.

(ii) Generating different keyword options:
After extensively researching, you should choose keywords that make up your main keyword topic. Filter terms that do not help your page to achieve the first-page result. Compare the number of backlinks and page authority to your own page. This will help you know how many links you will require to get to the first page of SERP. Also, make use of long-tail keywords to narrow down your audience and user intent, and reduce competition.

(iii) Group options by intent:

Now, you will be having an extensive list of keywords. You need to scan through this list and assign each keyword a group that can be utilized within the webpages. Using variations of keywords will contribute to your website’s optimization. Keep an eye out for frequent searches on relevant topics that will help add more value to your website. Such topics help add depth and increase the potential to satisfy your audiences’ search query.

2) Content for the audience:

Keep your users in mind while creating your content. Your search results will reflect positive statistics if you can satisfy your user's intent. By researching more about your audiences’ common problems and issues they are experiencing, you will be able to increase the level of engagement by providing insight on such queries. Such topics resonate with the audience, increasing engagement. Also, use videos to keep your audience engaged to your website. Videos are preferred to encourage your visitors to learn more about your product and services with ease. The time spent on your site contributes positively to the ranking signal, thereby increasing your site ranking. If all this overwhelms you, consider hiring Article Writing Services.

3) Content optimization:

Placing the keywords accurately will make it clear to the search engines in associating your content with the search phrases. Your target keyword should be included in the title, URL, and also in the first paragraph of your webpage. Make sure your keywords flow naturally with the content, and it is not forced.

4) Write for users:

The content you publish is the most critical aspect of any strategy. Keep the audience in mind when you are writing your content. There might be hundreds of factors that will be considered when ranking a website, but the content you deliver will always be an essential factor. Having a solid content strategy will help deliver more traffic to your website.

For assistance with SEO content, you can contact us at ValueHits. We are a Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai who has been delivering excellent article writing services for the past decade. Call us to know more about our service.

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