Hyper-Personalization: Just Be Personal

SEO | June 13, 2014

Hyper -personalization is the latest key word in marketing. It cannot just be personal, you have to add some energy to it. It is the next level of tailored content that is customized to the needs of your leads or customers. Your SEO agency in Mumbai should definitely have a clue about this.

Hyper-Personalization: Just Be Personal


So what does it mean to be personal? Simply using someone's name in your messaging is not personalization, Personalization is a conversation. It is about relevance first. You have to deliver the right personalization which is something that is minimum. It is about the right message at the right time to the right person, it is not about you. When you simply understand the unique needs of your leads or customers, it goes well.

There are companies, such as Amazon that do personalization very nicely when they build a model entirely around high relevant communications and recommendation. Marketers always ask for more information from customers as there is a new expectation that companies can use intelligently and not spend time in irrelevant messages.

1) Who are your customers? Data will only tell you a little. Your customers are actually because people with unique joys, frustrations, challenges, and wins, which can ultimately effect their buying decisions. Data points can say a few things, but your customer can say a lot. Get in touch with the happy ones and the not so happy ones. You can even gather a focus group. Know about the customers and just do not ask them about how they feel about the product. You can combine the results with your data. You can create buyer personas with their unique needs, wants, experiences, and buying behavior that will tell a story.

2) Build your content in a way that is scalable and repeatable. Map your buyer's journey from a content perspective. These content maps are essential that will help you to respond with personalized content at every stage. Always look at the personas, as it is not about you. This is an advice to any SEO agencies in Mumbai.

3) Once you have created the maps and discarded the not so relevant content, you can have personalized content and watch as the conversation evolves. The buyer personas are vital here. You can have empathy to address their pain points and specifically about their product or services. Consider all their interactions with your content from all angles. The former group takes a more longer and more detailed content whereas the latter responds to better shorter content with succinct points.

4) Take a look at your content plan and look at all the ways you can automate your communications and later build out your funnel. This is not an easy process. With hyper-personalization you are maximizing every chance you have to customize content to fit a specific audience. You can approach your content as a conversation that never ends. It can be be more than just another email in their inbox. Remember to deliver hyper personalization in your Seo services in mumbai.

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