The Ideal Instagram Posting Time in 2023

Social Media Marketing | September 27, 2023

We looked at various data studies to determine when to post on Instagram, and the results are here for you to use as a guide.

The Ideal Instagram Posting Time in 2023


Instagram is the third most popular social media platform, with one billion monthly and 500 million daily active users. There are a lot of targeted audiences to reach. Therefore, brands are using social media in large numbers. With that many people, just like any social media platform, it's simple to slip between the gaps. Your posts may not be seen even if you put some effort into them.

Knowing when your users are active is essential because Instagram's algorithms prioritize recent posts coupled with interest and relationship.

Never use another study as the standard for determining when you are posting.They are merely a guide; the best outcomes will come from exploring and analyzing your data.

Social media tool data studies on the best time to post on Instagram are compared below.

Best Time When Instagram Posts Are Most Effective By Location

When creating posts for an international audience, it's essential to consider their time zones instead of just your own. Consider posting at different times across multiple time zones or finding expected times across other countries. To determine the best posting times, check when your Instagram followers are most active and adjust according to their local time zones.


Source searchenginejournal

Sources, June 2023:

  • HubSpot reviewed 110M posts across 1M Instagram users.
  • Later, analyzed over 11M posts.
  • Hootsuite analyzed over 30,000 Instagram posts.
  • Sprout Social analyzed 2B engagements across 400,000 profiles.

There is no denying that video material is becoming more popular on social media and other internet mediums. Short-form videos are in high demand, because of Tik Tok. Competitors like YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels have emerged.

If you're trying out Instagram Reels, consider the following:

According to Hootsuite and SocialPilot, Monday through Thursday between 9 and 12 p.m. is the most fantastic time to publish to Instagram Reels.

Depending on the sort of industry, there may be different best times to post on Instagram. For the purpose of targeting a particular audience, it is crucial to adjust this time zone. Retail establishments, for instance, should consider posting on weekends, particularly on Sundays, between 3 PM and 6 PM. Research indicates that Tuesdays are the worst day to post.

As I mentioned, finding the right approach may involve experimentation and will be influenced by your industry and intended audience.

When determining the best posting times for Instagram, remember that studies and data are a good starting point, but you must customize it to your unique audience and brand. Here's how:

Your Instagram post strategy insights will become more accurate as you gather more content.

Later, you can adjust your content strategy after your thorough study or do you need help? Hire a social media consultant or specialist to fine-tune your approach.

Ultimately, it's up to you and the brand to decide what success looks like. Whether it's more likes, comments, followers, or increased brand awareness, setting clear goals is essential.

When boosting engagement on your social media posts, timing is crucial. However, it's also essential to carefully select the right hashtags, images, and wording for each post. Keep an eye on any promoted posts, too, as they can affect your Insights data.

To constantly enhance interaction and develop your follower base, you must ultimately strike a balance between all of these factors.

  • When Should You Post Reels On Instagram?

  • How to find the best time to post on Instagram

    1. Experiment & Test: Test different posting times to gauge the best response. Different post types may perform better at other times, so diversify your content.
    2. Audience Insights: Use Instagram Insights to understand when your audience is most active. Consider their demographics, location, and online habits.
    3. Time Zones: If your brand operates across different time zones, adapt your posting schedule accordingly.
    4. Analyze High-Performers: Look at your top-performing posts. Analyze what worked – image quality, posting time, copy, or hashtags – and repeat successful strategies.
    5. Keep Experimenting: Don't be afraid to try new ideas. Not all content will perform equally, so keep testing and adapting.
    6. Use Social Media Tools: Tools like Brandwatch or Iconosquare can provide analytics and scheduling capabilities. For Facebook and Instagram integration, Meta Business Suite is helpful.
    7. Competitor Analysis: Study when your competitors post and observe their engagement patterns. This can offer valuable insights, especially if you're a new brand.
  • Continue to Test and Be Consistent

Bottom line

Ultimately, success on Instagram is defined by your goals, whether it's increased engagement, a growing follower base, or increased brand awareness. In this complexity of timing, hashtags, imagery, and messaging, your unique blend of these elements will determine your success in engaging and expanding your Instagram community.

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