Importance of Interlinking in SEO

SEO | May 4, 2020

Before your content can rank of the search engine result pages, it needs links. Google can easily find your posts and pages best when they are linked to somewhere on the web. Internal also connect your content and give an idea of the structure of your website to Google. This helps Google to create a hierarchy for your website, giving importance to the pages with more value and vice versa. You need to hire the top SEO company in mumbai to get the right internal linking strategy to boost your SEO.

Importance of Interlinking in SEO


Why does Google find these links relevant?

Google uses these links to find the relation of the content to your site and its value.

Content’s Relationship:

Google uses a bot called Google bot that crawls websites by following the internal and external links. This bot arrives at a website’s homepage, renders the page, and follows the first link it receives. Google can work out the relationship between the various pages and content by following these links. This way, Google finds out which pages on your site cover a similar subject matter.

Link value:

Additionally, to understand the relationship between content, Google divides link value between all links on a web page. Often, the homepage of a website has the most value as it has the most backlinks. That link value will be shared amongst all the links that were found on your homepage. The link value passed to the following pages will be divided between the links on that page, and so on, the hierarchy is built.

Therefore, your latest blogs get more link value when you link them to your homepage and instead of linking them only to your category page. And Google will find new posts quicker when they are linked to your homepage.

Internal linking strategy setup:

1. The ideal structure for your site:

Imagine your website as a pyramid. The top will be your homepage, below that will be your sections and categories, and below that will be the individual posts and pages. If you can structure your website well, your website’s menu should reflect this pyramid structure.

2. Importance of Content:

Once the structure is defined, you should add the best and relevant content. This content should complement the core of your business. This content should be the one you want your people to find when they are searching for products or services you specialize in. Add many links to your content too.

3. Contextual Links:

When you have written various articles on a certain topic, you should link them with each other. This is showing Google and users that those articles are topically relevant. You can add links to your articles by adding them to your sentences or linking them at the bottom of your article.

4. Add a Related-Post Section:

There are plugins and modules that let you add related post sections to your posts. If you use one, you can test whether the related posts are actually related posts. If you are not really sure about it, stick to manual linking.


Without links, your content cannot rank on search engines. You need a solid internal linking strategy that can be delivered by a top professional seo services – just like us at ValueHits. Give us a call to learn more about our result-driven SEO strategies.

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