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Content Writing | September 5, 2019

It is 2019, and content marketing is changing, but it remains as the top inbound marketing strategy. Brands and companies who are publishing content on their website and social media just for the sake of it need to take a second look. There needs to be a change in strategy since the millennial and generation Z audiences are smarter than ever before, and they can easily distinguish between quality and poor content. You might need assistance from content writing services to cater to the latest trends in the market

Content marketing is amongst the fastest-growing branches of digital marketing. It is one potent weapon for influencing brand development and bring in new customers. You must not consider content marketing as a marketing gimmick. In fact, you should focus on content marketing as much as other marketing fields of the company, to produce good quality content that reciprocates with your target audience and produces excellent results. You can even make use of content writing services provided by various agencies. The quality of content marketing is steadily raising the bar with new spins on old tactics. Here are some concepts that you can use to level up your game in content marketing:

1) Micro-Influencers:


The time is just right to leverage the power of micro-influencers. Micro-influencers can help you pen and promote your content. These micro-influencers can be utilised to promote your blogs through guest posts. They can help your blog reach a broader audience by sharing and linking to the content they have written. There are two significant advantages:

  • Loyal followers of the micro-influencer will visit your blog to read the content written by him/her.

  • Micro-influencers will link back and share your content.

Micro-influencers often get the job done for free. These influencers usually accept your guest posting proposal for free. In these cases, micro-influencers are financially healthy for your digital strategy.

2) Chatbots and AI:


The primary purpose of content marketing to get more conversions. When your potential customers are serviced well, they automatically get converted into a loyal one. Here, chatbots on your website can come handy. Answering simple queries actively and efficiently will keep the customers happy. Keep the interactions high by satisfying your potential customers' needs 24x7 is one easy way to get customers on board.

Artificial Intelligence - ever since its introduction, it has been the hottest topic in the marketing world. This powerful technology can be used for discovering new keywords, research blog topics, and reviewing analytics and reports. AI helps in shaping up your digital strategy to suit your target audience. With AI, you can get valuable insights on what your target audience is searching for, their search times, and what content at any given point in time.

3) Questions and Answers:


The questions and answers page usually is present under a forum or community of a website. Users generally create these questions and answers pages. This form of user-generated content is an easy way to get your site rankings up through featured snippets.

Google recently launched an update where it will pick the best answers from the Q&A pages, depending on the question asked by the user. Therefore, such Q&A sections will people find the responses to their inquiries, satisfies their queries, and also boost your rankings.

4) Live Video:


Since videos take up a significant chunk of internet traffic, it is safe to say that video is the future of content marketing. The video format opens up various possibilities to communicate your story to your audience. And one such trend is live videos.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. have adopted the live video culture. The live video culture is highly accepted since it creates a real-time connection with the audience. People love seeing their favourite brands being personified, which creates endless possibilities. You can go live for your new product launches, host Q&A sessions, interviews, etc. all of which raise the engagement quotient.

5) Storytelling:


Brand storytelling opens up a whole new perspective with content marketing. This type of storytelling allows your brand to connect authentically with your audience by humanising your brand. This is essential when people appreciate the brand they connect with. 

You can share stories about your brand or company. These stories can be your brand's origins, how did you build up, the stories from the yesteryear's, etc. You can also publish posts on how your product has changed the lives of your customers. Their experiences will help other customers relate better to your brand.

There's no doubt that content marketing techniques will continue to evolve in the coming years. Website Content Writing Services will make sure your brand is making the best of content marketing techniques available currently in the market. We at ValueHits offer such content marketing services that provide high-quality content suitable for your brand and for your audience to relate with. If you are interested in such services, please do visit our website or give us a call.

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