Improve Your PPC With An Effective Ad Copy To Drive Conversions

PPC | June 23, 2015

As Google AdWords gets more and more competitive, even marketers are searching for ways to make their campaigns unique and appealing to customers. Being a PPC expert, it is always necessary to look out for a strategy that will work, nevertheless, we still need to dig for treasure that comes in the form of advanced techniques that help to make you add more relevant and gives an edge over the competitors. A lot depends on ad copy as well. When you've written an impressive ad copy, it helps you to drive conversions to some extent. Here are AdWords copy tips you can use to make your campaign better.

Improve Your PPC With An Effective Ad Copy To Drive Conversions


Make Wise Use Of Character Limits:

The text ads have a character limit for the title, Description 1, Description 2 and URL. Ensure that your title is 25 characters, while the character limit for Description 1, Description 2 and Display URL is 35. Also, it is significant that you should include target keyword and attractive adjectives which would compel a user to click on the ad. If would be more efficient if your different ads with relevant keywords for each ad group.

Use Questions:

You can make use of questions “what”, “why, or “when” in you ad copy. This helps to engage with customers in a better way. A rhetorical question is an excellent strategy to persuade consumers and think positively about your product. A campaign based on a rhetorical question can get your viewers repeating your question, and thus spreading the word about your products.

Avoid False Promises:

Never make false promises in you ad. This can badly impact your brand image. It is recommended that whatever your deals or product prices, be upfront about it. Do not state your product is “Free” when your business is providing Trial for a limited period.

Call To Action:

The very goal of making Pay Per Click advertising is the instant attention of consumers and Call to Action is meant to take your customers one step ahead of your campaign. It is entirely wrong on your part if you like a marketer fail to include a strong call to action as it makes a difference by giving your relevant ad clicks. You can insert certain phrases call to action phrases like “Reserve your spot today”, “Watch demo”, “Get Quotes now”, “Inquire Now” and so on.

Let Consumers Know Of Benefits:

When you make consumers aware of the product/service benefits like “Grow followers instantly”, “Receive back to School Kit Free!” or something like “Make Money Online At Home”. Knowing the advantages of a product, consumers tend to show interest. When you want to convince consumers for the same, sampling or trails are an excellent way to make sure consumers at least pay a heed to your product. This can give actual experience about the product.

Test Your Ad:

Once you're done with ad copy creative, the next part is testing it. This will give you an idea about the performance of your ad copy. You need to have a goal for testing as well, whether you want to increase CTR (Click through rate) or improve CVR (conversion rate).

Recently at SMX Advanced event held in June, a session on “Getting Creative With PPC Ad Copy & Testing” provided insights on creative ad copy writing. It revealed that today ad copy writing is challenging as it focuses on both creative and technical aspects and proving its worth through testing.

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