Latest Trends in Social Media Marketing

Latest Trends in Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing | January 3, 2018

Social media marketing is an ocean of opportunities for digitally empowered businesses. The platform has changed drastically over time and 2017 was a year of massive evolution as several new trends were introduced. These changes allow businesses to extend their outreach and use innovative solutions to speak up to their audience. Brands need to stay abreast with the ever-changing digital market to maintain competitiveness and improve reach.

It is clear that social media is a solid marketing tool and if used correctly, it can take your business a level ahead. There are some trends that are here to stay and will dominate the industry this year.

Live video

We've all used and experienced the new live video feature on Facebook, which is now available on Instagram too. In fact, the live video streaming was first initiated by Periscope, a Twitter acquired company, to deliver real-time content. Now, we have Facebook Live that is so popular among users that even businesses can make good use of this feature to attain communication objectives. From gossips to pep talk to promotion, Live video feature can be creative in a host of way.


For immediate problem-solving, many brands are using customer service chatbots, which is an instant messaging feature where users can get in touch with support executive through the chat box, making communication faster and easier. Organizations have made customer service a priority and are increasing the use of chatbots to improve message responsiveness. This will significantly reduce response time and enable customers to get their queries sorted in a considerably lesser time.

Paid content

Paid content marketing will never die. The complex social media algorithm is making it difficult for businesses to produce results organically. Everything comes at a cost, especially sales leads. If you want to generate real business, you have to shell out a few bucks. Social media demands quality-rich content with the potential to entice users and drive results. Only high quality content is not enough to reach your target audience, sometimes you'll need to sponsor your posts too.

Social messaging

Messaging apps have more users than the social media platforms, this fact shows how valuable social messaging can be for businesses. Whatsapp has already crossed the 1 Billion user mark, while other popular apps such as Messenger, WeChat, etc. are keeping up. With that amount of growth, organizations will probably shift their attention from social media to social messaging.

Staying abreast with the latest trends in social media marketing is a mandate for your organization's digital success. Keeping a blind eye to changes can hamper your online presence in the long run. You should always keep track of the latest updates happening in the digital space to find out ways to monetize on them, reach new prospects and beat competition.