Learn How to Boost your Business and Increase Sales with LinkedIn

Digital Marketing | June 9, 2023

LinkedIn is a valuable social media platform for businesses in the digital age. It can help enhance their online presence, foster essential connections, and generate significant sales. Today in this discussion, we will explore the myriad opportunities LinkedIn offers entrepreneurs and professionals, shedding light on the strategic approaches to promote businesses effectively and achieve tangible results.

Learn How to Boost your Business and Increase Sales with LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a vibrant hub of industry professionals, creating a vast network of potential clients, partners, and collaborators. With its user base exceeding 700 million professionals, the platform offers an unparalleled opportunity to expand the reach of one's business. By engaging with relevant communities and joining industry groups, entrepreneurs can establish themselves as thought leaders, driving organic traffic and gaining valuable product or service exposure.

Step 1: Unveiling Insights: Research and Preparation

Embarking on a customer acquisition journey requires a clear vision of the specific individuals you aim to target. To set the stage, a compelling strategy begins with crafting a vibrant customer persona, capturing the essence of your ideal customer.

A customer persona is a vibrant depiction of the perfect match for your business. It entails outlining the characteristics of the companies you aspire to collaborate with, such as their revenue levels, operating niche, and more.

Moreover, it is equally essential to delve into the persona of the decision-maker, the individual responsible for making purchasing choices. While demographic information holds some value, dedicating time to delve into their aspirations and pain points offers deeper insights.

Immersing yourself in creating a customer persona should be a smooth endeavour, especially if you still need to do so. You can comprehensively represent your target customer in just a couple of hours.

Once your customer persona takes shape, it's time to curate lists of companies that perfectly align with your target audience. Numerous exceptional resources exist to aid you in building these lists tailored to your specific market. Here are a few examples:

1. Google My Business: A treasure trove of local companies awaits, and by filtering your search based on niche, you can uncover many potential prospects.

2. List Roundups: Resources such as the illustrious Inc 5,000 present a compilation of rapidly growing companies within your desired niche, providing many options.

3. Investment Sites: Websites like TechCrunch offer valuable insights into recently funded companies, allowing you to pinpoint organizations that are likely to be on the lookout for solutions like yours.

These are just a handful of notable examples to ignite your search. Brainstorming and exploring resources that resonate specifically with your niche is essential, uncovering hidden gems that could align perfectly with your business objectives.

Step 2: Building and Optimizing an Impactful Profile

Creating a captivating LinkedIn profile is essential to make a lasting impression on potential customers. A visually appealing and concise profile, combined with compelling content and keywords, helps entrepreneurs effectively showcase their expertise and attract the attention of their target audience. Professionals can enhance their credibility and position themselves as authoritative figures within their respective industries by emphasizing achievements, sharing relevant content, and actively participating in discussions.

Step 3: Forging Meaningful Bonds: Connect & Reach Out

Congratulations! With a meticulously crafted list of companies that perfectly align with your customer profile and an optimized bio, it's time to expand your LinkedIn network.

To streamline your efforts, consider creating a dynamic Google sheet featuring the following columns:

1. Company 2. Position 3. Name 4. LinkedIn ID 5. Connected (you can include a Yes/No option to track your progress) 6. Email Address

Search for the company's name on LinkedIn, and let the exploration commence. As a Digital marketing agency we typically gravitate towards connecting with individuals like the Chief Marketing Officer or those involved in procurement decisions.


Once you have identified the relevant person, extend a personalized connection request, ensuring you record their details in your trusty Google Sheet. To unearth their email addresses, utilizing a combination of tools saves time and effort.

As you connect with people on LinkedIn, you will notice that you can initially view all company employees. However, as your LinkedIn usage progresses, the platform may introduce certain restrictions and encourage you to explore its dedicated business offerings.

Step 4: Presenting the Persuasive Pitch

The preceding sections explored the growth of one's LinkedIn network. When utilizing LinkedIn as a platform to promote businesses and drive sales, the pivotal step is pitching products or services to prospects.

There exist several golden rules to abide by when engaging in sales prospecting. First and foremost, it is crucial to wait to pitch individuals upon accepting your LinkedIn request. Approaching them too quickly can be perceived as intrusive and may lead to annoyance on their part.

Secondly, crafting an elevator pitch that elicits a response is essential. The elevator pitch should be concise, compelling, and tailored to the interests of your prospects.

Two common approaches can be adopted when delivering your sales pitch. The first is the direct approach, which proves most effective when prospects actively seek a solution to a problem you can address—for instance, contacting someone searching for a new SEO agency when actively seeking such services. However, it is rare to reach out to individuals who are currently in the buying mode

The second approach focuses on enticing prospects to respond by offering something of value. Typically, this involves providing a free offering in exchange for their time. For example, an SEO agency provides a complimentary content audit in exchange for their participation.

This entails working with the lead to secure a guest post opportunity, wherein the content is written and published under their name.

If you incentivize prospects to elicit a response, ensure the incentive holds significant value. The greater the deal offered, the higher the likelihood of a positive response to your inquiry. The investment of $250 for a meeting with a lead is a worthwhile resource allocation. It is important to align your business objectives with your offering.

If someone does not respond to your LinkedIn message, it may be prudent to resort to cold outreach via email. The content of your email pitch can be similar to what was initially presented on LinkedIn.

4 Ways to Engage Your LinkedIn Network

First, being a private individual is evident from their infrequent content sharing on the platform. Typically, the shared content revolves around guest posts, with occasional interaction with friends' posts. Although not highly engaging, this approach maintains a presence.

Promoting a business on LinkedIn goes beyond a single post. To reach a wide audience, considerable effort and time investment are required. Here are some tactics to consider for gaining visibility on LinkedIn:

1. Master the Basics of LinkedIn: To promote your business effectively, dedicate time to learn about LinkedIn marketing and user behavior on the platform. Understanding peak activity times can be advantageous. For example, users are most active in the morning, during their commutes, and around lunchtime.

LinkedIn's algorithm also limits the reach of posts containing external links. To overcome this, consider editing the post to include the connection after a few minutes or adding the link in the first comment. Such insights can prove valuable in your LinkedIn promotion efforts.

2. Join a LinkedIn Pod: LinkedIn boasts the highest organic reach among mainstream social media platforms. When content garners substantial engagement, It is more likely to be viewed by others on LinkedIn than on Facebook.

The LinkedIn algorithm is also more susceptible to manipulation, making generating engagement immediately after posting easier. LinkedIn pods, where participants engage with each other's content through comments and likes, can help amplify your reach.

3. Share Valuable Materials and Company Updates: Utilize your feed and company page to share relevant content that promotes your company. Various content types can be posted directly on the company page, such as company news, industry articles, thought-provoking questions, videos, photos, and links to content.

Thought-leadership pieces can also help establish your authority in the industry. Hashtags make your posts discoverable, particularly when leveraging LinkedIn pods. However, ensure that your content isn't solely focused on your business. Incorporate engaging content that distracts users from browsing LinkedIn during work breaks.

4. Keep in Touch with Former Clients and Contacts: While expanding your professional network is essential, maintaining existing relationships should not be overlooked. Dedicate time to nurture relationships with contacts, including current and potential clients. Utilise multiple social channels to stay connected, and consider utilising email as a valuable tool for relationship building.

Sending marketing emails, valuable content, and special offers to old clients can foster engagement.


inkedIn presents a comprehensive platform for businesses to promote their products or services, build valuable connections, and drive sales. To make the most of this platform, hire a social media specialist who can effectively implement strategies tailored to your business objectives by creating a compelling profile, nurturing relationships, leveraging content marketing, utilizing targeted ads, and analysing performance are advisable.

By following these strategies and adapting to the evolving landscape of the platform, businesses can unlock many opportunities, propelling their growth and success in the digital realm.

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