Let Your Social Media Generate Leads

Let Your Social Media Generate Leads

Social Media Marketing | December 18, 2019

As marketers, are you considering social media platforms as a place for brand building and no sales? Do you think there are no people who won’t buy stuff after looking at an Instagram post? Wrong! Social media is more than just a place for companies to build their brands and connect with customers. With proper Social Media Marketing Services, you will be selling your product and services to people on Facebook, Twitter and other social media networking platforms.

A cherry on top for generating leads through social media is that it’s not just cost-effective but also produces results. Social media marketing has helped businesses reduce their costs by almost half of their spends. And these businesses had also seen a rise in their revenue when they utilised social media for lead generation. So, here’s what you need to do to get those social media marketing networks to turn into lead generation machines:

1) Gated Content:

Hiding content behind a virtual gate is what you call a gated content. Valuable content can attract a lot of eyeballs, so much that interested viewers will be ready to provide basic information about themselves in exchange for access to the information. With social media, you can share links to gated content where potential readers will be willing to share their information before accessing the content. Some people will click away without accessing the content as they might be mildly interested in your content. For the people who willingly share their information, they will turn out to be great leads. Promoting gated content directly to your followers is one of the easiest ways to gather detailed information about prospects using social media lead generation tools.

2) Contests:

Giving away prizes by participating in contests can attract a lot of traction. But there are two things you should keep in mind:

• Your contest should be valuable enough for people to participate
• It should be useful specifically for people who have the most potential of becoming your customers

If the prize is not relevant enough, people won’t be interested in entering your contest. If it has generic value, there will be a lot of traction but no qualified leads. Therefore, running the right contest with valuable prizes is what you need to do. An extension to the product’s trial period or an upgrade to a higher tier of service or a free giveaway, are some options for your contest’s prize.

3) Social Media Advertising:

Social media advertising takes targeting to the next level by collecting leads from a specific group of potential customers. Targeting a highly specific audience to promote your gated content can keep the advertising costs low while providing you with leads that meet your desired criteria. Social media advertising now includes a variety of social media lead generation tools that help you develop ads that are specifically designed to collect leads from social networks. Social media networks provide you with a variety of lead generation forms which you can customise as per your specifications. Make use of social media marketing services to get social media advertising right!

4) Live Videos and Webinars:

Webinars are one of the best performing types of content on social media when it comes to gated content offers. You can divert these webinars and live videos to generate leads for your business through social media. There are two ways to approach webinars and live videos:

• You can present the video as gated content. Interested viewers can register in advance by providing their content information to view the video.
• Open up to the video to a broad audience where you can generate leads by providing offers, contests, etc. and encouraging interactions.

5) Social Media Listening:

Keeping a virtual ear open all the time to the trends happening currently is what social media listening is all about. What’s happening in the industry, what are your competitors up to, who’s talking about what, etc. all these questions get answered through social listening. This listening provides a business with actionable insights where you can engage with a potential lead by learning his/her social presence and providing what he/she expects. Reaching out to these people by providing them with actionable content and creating a communication tunnel is a great way to generate leads.


Social media platforms are not just for creating a brand’s identity. With proper Social Media Marketing Services, you will have the power to develop strategies that can empower your brand on social media to generate leads. At ValueHits, we provide you with accurate campaign strategies that generate leads with ease. For more information, you can visit our website, or give us a call.

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