Make the Most of the Upcoming Holiday Seasons with These Digital Marketing Strategies

Social Media Marketing | August 20, 2019

If you are not utilising what the holidays have to offer, what are you doing then! Holidays not only bring joy and happiness to the people but also happy days for businesses too! It is the time when people are enthusiastic about their purchases. They'll be out in the shops or online, searching for the best deals.

Make the Most of the Upcoming Holiday Seasons with These Digital Marketing Strategies


Holiday campaigns are the way to go if you want to surprise and delight your audience, while also generating more reach and visibility for your brand. An e-commerce SEO expert will be able to divert the prospective audience on to your website skilfully during the holidays. With an excited audience and a holiday-influenced marketing strategy in place, you'll be up for a fantastic holiday this season. So here's what you can do to get your digital marketing strategy in place for the upcoming holiday season:

1) Influencer team-up:

Teaming up with an influencer in your industry is one of the fastest ways of gaining followers for your company. You can come up with the ideas and exclusive holiday giveaways, and these influencers will be your channels to get the word out. Influencer marketing is getting immensely popular in recent days as you portray your brand to a new set of audience. And since this audience is well adjusted with the influencer, marketing your brand out to them will be the most comfortable way of gaining new followers and generate excellent results.

2) Advent calendar:

This calendar is a fun way to market your brand during the holiday season. An advent calendar is a simple campaign where your brand can reveal special offers & discounts through an exclusive piece of content to your social media fans, once a day for a specific week(s). This way, your audience will be hooked to your social media, anticipating your next deal. These deals can be anything - from discounts, flash sales, to 1+1 offers. You can even tie-up with your influencer here to provide the audience with never-before-seen photos and videos. Team up with a digital marketing company to get an advent calendar set up.

3) Social media exclusive discounts:

To make your social media audience feel a little more special during the holiday season, offer them something unique. Your social media audience will love discounts, free shipping, etc. You can also make it a bit more special, by making the audience participate in an event, for e.g., click a picture, upload it with a particular hashtag and avail special discounts. This way, you will get a massive spike in engagement rate and reach!

4) Run contests:

Contests have never disappointed anyone! People love being creative and enabling them to come up with imaginative ideas for your product on social media will help your brand get better visibility. This strategy is a simple way to get more brand awareness as people will be sharing content about your brand across many social media platforms.

5) Do it for a cause:

Create a digital marketing strategy that helps a cause. A unique holiday campaign that gets behind a cause or charity that matters to your brand and audience will undoubtedly improve your brand image. Digital marketing companies often help create an emotional attachment for a brand with the audience by getting involved in maintaining a cause or charity. When the sentimental value for a brand is high, people will automatically be attracted to your brand!

6) Simple things matters:

Last, but not least, here are a few things that you can do with your brand's social media presence to enlighten your audience:

  1. Pin holiday-special offers to the top of your social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn)
  2. Change your profile and cover images that reflect the holiday spirit or accentuates your campaign.
  3. Create a hashtag that reciprocates with your brand and the holiday season. This hashtag makes tracking easy and will help to gauge your campaign's performance in the end.
  4. Use social media ads to enhance the reach of your campaign.
  5. Track your campaign results, analyse the performance and learn what went right, what went wrong, and improve your future campaigns accordingly

Get in touch with a digital marketing company like ValueHits, and make the most of the holiday season! Happy times call for happy businesses.

If you would like to learn more about the different digital marketing services we have on offer, feel free to connect with us!

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