Must-Ask Interview Questions Before Choosing A Digital Marketing Agency

SEO | September 29, 2023

Every significant Google algorithm update makes it even more critical for companies to use the best search engine optimization practices. Hence, whether you're a sole proprietor or the chief marketing officer of a multi-million dollar firm, you know the significance of selecting the ideal SEO agency in India for your business objectives.

Must-Ask Interview Questions Before Choosing A Digital Marketing Agency


Following SEO best practices is essential for the long-term success of your website. Without SEO, you have a lower probability of finding the appropriate search result and a higher possibility of finding duplicate content.

We've developed a list of SEO interview questions for your upcoming marketing hire. Use these to help your business have a successful digital marketing experience before engaging an SEO agency.

What is SEO?

Even though it could seem like a needless question, there are many ways to answer it. This inquiry tries to ascertain whether they fundamentally comprehend the sector.

A website's visibility and click-through rate can be improved by marketing it to search engines and users through SEO." This should be expected when interviewing a professional SEO company. Additionally, SEO is both a science and an art.

How would you characterize SEO success?

Each SEO specialist will have a different response to this query. Success depends on several external variables, including the industry, the competitors, the state of the site, and the objectives of the business. Additionally, it might change if the search algorithm assigns new priorities. Even though the answers will differ, there is one that needs to be taken seriously. You should exercise care if the conversation starts with results from the first page. Yes, SEO should raise your rankings on search engines. This is a short-term tactic, though.

How do you do SEO daily when working for a client?

Your answer to this query will help you understand how they operate. If you pay close attention, you can pick up on hints about their work ethic, consistency, and follow-through.

How frequently do you speak with your clients?

Despite the complexity of SEO, keeping clients informed about what is happening makes them feel more safe. Additionally, honest communication is crucial because many people have been burned. The use of a specialized Slack channel, video conference sessions, or monthly reports are just a few significant exchanges.

What measures do you employ to determine the performance of SEO?

Success can be determined in several ways. Start by observing what matters to them, then contrast that with your definition of success. If your vision and their vision are different from one another, you won't get along.

The responses to this query will reveal whether the SEO favors black-hat SEO tactics or concentrates on vanity metrics. The ideal KPIs to measure for your objectives should be crystal clear to SEO specialists. When reporting your website's bounce rate, for instance, tracking conversion rates on the appropriate pages can give you far more helpful information.

Can you name a few technical SEO achievements?

The type of website, its current troubles, amount of technical difficulty, and simplicity of use will all generally impact the response. Nevertheless, low-impact, high-impact, low-effort, and high-effort optimizations all follow some general patterns. Does your SEO company, for instance, use schema markup? Does a plan for obtaining Rich Snippets and other SERPs? Do they take into account how crucial internal links are?

Off-page, technical, and on-page SEO are all types of SEO. Concentrating on one without the others is unlikely to increase your online presence.

What SEO myths bother you?

If you get a response about choosing white hat SEO or ensuring that content is focused on long tail variations, think carefully. Only someone with knowledge and comprehension of SEO can respond to this question.

A total novice will frequently promote SEO falsehoods as absolute SEO truths while simultaneously projecting confidence and doing so without providing any of their observations or opinions.

What connection exists between social media marketing, SEM, and SEO?

Utilizing all of the resources at your disposal to assist you in getting results can lead to successful online marketing. However, if an SEO places social media marketing ahead of search engine marketing, you can lose out on prospects for organic search. It's not a great strategy for SEO to excessively rely on referral traffic. You can gauge someone's capabilities and industry expertise with the help of this query.

Your method for learning SEO?

SEO is not created equal. This question will enable you to gauge how highly someone values expanding their SEO knowledge, even if the majority of us in the profession are self-taught. One sign that someone needs to gain a greater understanding of SEO strategies is if they list a course as their primary education.

The field of SEO is extensive, and abilities grow and improve with time. It's crucial to work with an SEO expert. If your strategist concentrates on a few parts of the market, they can neglect the analytical abilities needed to keep improving your website and themselves.

Would you please describe your approach to keyword research?

Google keeps progressing toward subject knowledge by utilizing AI that probes the context of the content. Useful search queries to include as keywords. They play a crucial role in assisting web crawlers inappropriately classifying a website. Keyword stuffing might also hurt your chances of ranking well in searches.

Quality content draws organic visitors by including pertinent keywords and refraining from keyword stuffing.

Which SEO tools does your team often use?

You will need more than Google Analytics and Google Search Console to provide you with a clear view of how your website is performing in search results. There are a ton of tools in the field of SEO today. Better than others are some. Ask them to elaborate on a device if you're unfamiliar with it.

How do you stay organized When working on an SEO project?

It is not a task that can be "set and forgotten" to monitor an internet presence. An excellent SEO monitors keywords, rankings, and the entire plan. Without a transparent process in place, things might quickly become chaotic. An organization with a well-organized system will reveal much about how it operates and the outcomes you may anticipate.

What link-building strategy do you implement?

While practical citation techniques support small firms in becoming more visible, only some people know how much the tactic of link-building can affect a website. According to search engine crawlers, a website's context will only be improved by adding reliable links. Additionally, link building is seen as a black-hat SEO strategy.

You want to hear, "By creating high-quality content that addresses the needs of your target audience, you can naturally earn external links." as the response to this.

Google still utilizes spam link algorithms to detect websites that use outbound and inbound links to point to unrelated material. You won't necessarily acquire relevant backlinks because the SEO you're considering concentrates on link purchase or has an "outbound link outreach strategy." By concentrating on SEO best practices, you can save money and decrease the chance of website spam.

How have you handled link penalties?

This question is somewhat deceptive. They probably used some black-hat SEO techniques if they have previously been penalized. On the other hand, it demonstrates their abilities if they have assisted a penalized site in recovering.

What speed should a website load a web page?

It's straightforward: "53% of mobile device consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less." The user experience on a faster website is improved, so an SEO must comprehend how to increase site performance.

What technique do you employ to redirect a page?

Redirects come in two main categories: 302 and 301. Understanding when and how to apply them to pass page rank and effectively index your site is essential.


Always remember that SEO is a complex process that includes technical, on-page, and off-page elements that contribute to improving your online presence. You may choose an SEO agency that supports your objectives and guarantees your online presence's ongoing development and success by asking these interview questions and carefully evaluating the responses.

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