New website in 2024? Follow these SEO best practices.

SEO | January 14, 2024


A website is essential for individuals and businesses in the digital age. It is an online storefront that provides a worldwide venue for showcasing goods, services, or individual portfolios. A website builds relationships with various online audiences by improving accessibility, visibility, and credibility. In a time when one's online presence often determines legitimacy, a website is essential to building a solid brand and successfully connecting with target consumers.

New website in 2024-Follow these SEO best practices.

It is difficult for businesses looking to make a mark online to stay ahead in the fast-paced digital landscape. The web design and SEO landscape is evolving again as we enter 2024, with new trends and technologies shaping the online experience. We will explore this blog's latest website design and development advancements with SEO best practices. This guide is your roadmap to success for businesses seeking SEO services in India.

  1. Setting up your Google Search Console

    This should be the first thing you will be setting up regarding SEO. Google Search Console is a very robust tool for your website, which is also free to use. It helps to track your website’s performance in Google’s search engine. It helps you with data like the number of searches you ranked for and the number of clicks you received. This tool lets you know how effective your SEO strategy is and what changes you must deploy to improve it.

    Setting up your Google Search Console
  2. Google Analytics

    While Google Search Console shows you a website report in a graphical trend, Google Analytics shows you user behavior data on your site. Here, you can monitor how your website users behave and interact. Also, ensure you are using the latest version of Google Analytics to get accurate results. Also, you can connect your Google Search Console with Google Analytics to get useful SEO statistics.

    Google Analytics
  3. Installing Yoast

    This is applicable only if your website is made using WordPress. However, there are apps similar to Yoast available for different platforms. Yoast helps you analyze your blog posts and pages and recommends improving and optimizing them. This application makes optimizing your WordPress site and posts for search engines easy.

  4. Making use of Short URLs

    This is where you keep your URLs as short as possible for the posts and pages on your website. A recent study of over 11.8 million Google search results showed that shorter URLs help your website rank better.

  5. Optimising your images

    Never ignore optimizing your images. When done right, it can help you get some good traffic to your website. Pictures speak better than content and help better with interaction and engagement. However, Google will need help understanding an image and its content. This is where you optimize the image by describing the content of the image using the image alt tags and its file names.

  6. User-Centric Design

    Search engines like Google prefer websites offering a smooth and delightful user experience. This implies that your website needs to be aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, and mobile-friendly. Responsive design is now required; it is no longer a choice.

  7. Page Speed Optimization

    Users expect websites to load quickly in this age of immediate satisfaction. In addition to being essential for user experience, page speed also affects search engine rankings. Use content delivery networks (CDNs), browser caching, and image optimization to ensure your website loads quickly on all devices.

    Page Speed Optimization MobilePage Speed Optimization Desktop
  8. Social Media Integration

    Social media is a crucial component of an online presence, and its influence on SEO is significant. Including social sharing buttons, promoting user interaction, and keeping up an active social media presence are ways to get more organic traffic and awareness. Search engines consider social signals, so develop a solid social media strategy to support the SEO work you do on your website.

  9. Keyword Research

    In 2024, while researching keywords for a new website, use advanced tools such as SEMrush or Ahrefs to find relevant and high-volume keywords. Keep in mind user intent and concentrate on long-tail keywords. Examine the tactics used by competitors and user inquiries. Make the user experience your top priority and include semantic keywords. Monitor changing trends and search engine algorithms, and adjust your approach accordingly. To improve organic visibility and effectively engage your audience, emphasize creating high-quality content around specific keywords.

    Keyword Research

    You will get a list of keywords.

    Keyword Research
  10. Mobile-Friendly Site

    A mobile-friendly website is still essential 2024 for the best possible user experience and search engine optimization. Use effective coding techniques and picture optimization to prioritize quick loading times. For easy browsing, implement a user-friendly navigation system. Utilize The best SEO packages, including relevant keywords, meta tags, and schema markup, to improve search engine presence. Maintain a mobile-first strategy and update material frequently to stay current if you want to succeed online over time.

    Mobile-Friendly Site


    Mobile-Friendly Site


Staying ahead of the curve is crucial for website owners and digital marketers as we embrace the dynamic changes in the digital realm. By implementing these SEO best practices and adopting the most recent trends, your website can succeed in 2024 and lay the groundwork for future success in the constantly changing online landscape.

Follow the pointers mentioned above to get the most out of your websites in 2024. If you need assistance, contact us at ValueHits – the best SEO company in Mumbai. Our experts can help you with any challenges you face in digital marketing. Call us for a free consultation.

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