New website in 2021? Follow these SEO best practices

New website in 2021? Follow these SEO best practices

SEO | June 16, 2021

Considering how pandemic panned out the businesses last year, it would have been daunting for companies to launch a new website back then. Now, you can witness new websites popping up every now and then. However, its success on the internet will be highly dependent on its type of business and what SEO strategies they are deploying. SEO practices change over time. So, here are some of them you should be following to improve your website SEO and traffic in 2021.

1. Setting up your Google Search Console

This should be the first thing you will be setting up when it comes to SEO. Google Search Console is a very robust tool for your website, which is also free to use. It helps to track your website’s performance in Google’s search engine. It helps you with data like the number of searches you ranked for and the number of clicks you received. This tool enables you to get a sense of how effective your SEO strategy is and what changes you will have to deploy to improve it.

2. Google Analytics

While Google Search Console shows you a report of your website in a graphical trend, Google Analytics shows you data of users behaviour on your site. Here, you can monitor how the users visiting your website behave and interact. Also, make sure you are using the latest version of Google Analytics to get accurate results. Also, you can connect your Google Search Console with Google Analytics to get useful SEO statistics.

3. Installing Yoast

This is applicable only if your website is made using WordPress. However, there are apps similar to Yoast available for different platforms. Yoast helps you analyze your blog posts and pages and offers you recommendations on improving and optimizing them. This application makes it easy to optimize your WordPress site and posts for search engines.

4. Making use of Short URLs

This is where you try to keep your URLs as short as possible for the posts and pages on your website. This is because a recent study of over 11.8 million Google search results showed that shorter URLs help your website rank better.

5. Optimising your images

Never ignore optimizing your images. When done right, it can help you get some good traffic to your website. Pictures speak better than content and help better with interaction and engagement. However, Google will find it harder to understand an image and its content. This is where you optimize the image by describing the content of the image using the image alt tags and its file names.

Follow the above-mentioned pointers to get the most out of your websites in 2021. If you need any assistance with the same, you can reach out to us at ValueHits – the best SEO company in Mumbai. Our experts can help you out with any challenges you are facing in the world of digital marketing. Call us for a free consultation.

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