Online Marketing during uncertain times

Online Marketing during uncertain times

Digital Marketing Agency | April 28, 2021

The frustration and anxiety are high considering the pandemic we are facing right now. Businesses around the world are feeling the impact of COVID-19, and it is a highly precarious time to know how to do business right away around.

These are times often when businesses “turtle up”, meaning they pull out of the business and wait for things to go back to normal. This is detrimental as your business is down, and you won’t be trying to reach out for new opportunities. These are the times when you should be focusing highly on your marketing efforts.

You should exercise some flexibility and adapt your marketing strategy as per the situation. SEO has always been a long game, and cutting it short due to financial constraints will only provide you with short-term gains. So, when facing a difficult time, will you stay robust within the industry with your built-up strategy or rebuild your online marketing foundation from scratch?

Here are some aspects you can follow to get your marketing right during uncertain times:

1. Focus more on content marketing

People will love to watch the world continue normally. They would also like to be updated with the current situation regarding the virus and your business. These are the times where the customers and your clients need to connect with your business more than ever. You can create these connections through fun, intriguing content. Companies can make use of infographics, newsletters, videos, etc., to meet their new content marketing strategies.

2. New link building tactics

This might just be the best time to move away from traditional link-building tactics. After all, approaching another website of a business for a link on their blog does not sound nice during this sensitive period – especially if the business isn’t doing great in the pandemic. You should focus on building links through relationships. Create a mutually beneficial connection with other websites which can send traffic back and forth.

3. Website retooling

There’s a good chance your website will not be ready to deal with the current crisis. Make sure your website addresses the pandemic and what steps are being taken by your business regarding the virus. Also, this is a great time to add content and remove things that may not be appropriate to the current situation. Also, high services and products are in high demand right now.

4. Focus on your clients

Gaining new clients during this pandemic will be a tough ask. Instead, focus on your current client base and hunker down on improving your service to them. You should really be focusing on retaining your existing client base. However, don’t force or pressure your current customers to stay on or force them to agree. Just stay transparent and direct with them. Importantly, be empathetic to their needs.


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