Online Reputation Management: Building and Repairing Trust

SEO | March 5, 2018

Begining the blog with a wise quote by Publilius Syrus:

Online Reputation Management:  Building and Repairing Trust


“A Good Reputation Is More Valuable Than Money.”

Indeed a good reputation means everything to a business organization, it may not be visible or tangible, certainly weighs more than net assets and share value.

There is no replacement of a good reputation, it is whole and sole, it cannot be bought, quantified and measured. For instance, most businesses believe that their main objective is to increase profitability, not really though. Profits are fairly important for the survival and growth of a business but a decent reputation is mandatory. After the emergence of internet and social media, businesses need to manage both online & offline reputation effectively.

Building A Sound Reputation

“Reputation is the sum values that stakeholders attribute to a company, based on their perception and interpretation of the image that the company communicates over time”
-John Dalton

Sound reputation is a perception that a business creates about itself among masses (anybody & everybody, online & offline). Presentation is more important than intention, in this case.

Reputation cannot be built in a day, it requires substantial time, effort and planning to create the desired reputation. To build a positive image, project yourself in a pleasant way so that you look more like a well-wisher than a seller. Reputation building is an incessant process, you are always doing it either consciously or unconsciously.

Repairing A Wrecked Reputation

"It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it."
-Benjamin Franklin

Innocent mistakes do happen with everybody. Sometimes you may knowingly or unknowingly land in situations which may adversely damage your brand reputation online/offline. A reputation that you tried so hard to build, may diffuse in the blink of an eye, and you can do nothing about it. The best you can do is “damage control” and take initiatives to repair the wrecked reputation. Redeeming reputation takes time, firstly because you need to do good things to cover the bad that happened, secondly, people take time to forget things. The time required will directly depend on the intensity of damage.

Why Is Online Reputation Building/Repairing Important To A Business?

There are many benefits of an optimal online business reputation beyond the known ones listed below:

  • Portray the best first impression on the internet
  • Maintain a valid and trustworthy online presence
  • Shape a favorable online identity
  • Foster positive socialization
  • Resonate your work culture
  • Build an emotional connect online
  • Convey great things about your business
  • Enjoy word of mouth publicity
  • Take control of your search rankings
  • Bulldoze bad listings/reviews

For every chance you have to build a public image, there is an equal chance for it to go wrong. So, stay prepared. We hope that you enjoyed reading the blog.

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