Prominent smo skills master

SEO | January 31, 2018

The Internet is dominated by social media networks where every business is fighting for user attention. Social Media Optimization plays a leading role in search engine ranking and enhancing brand presence. Businesses often underestimate the potential of SMO not only in boosting search ranking and brand building but also in generating sales revenues.

Prominent smo skills master


In social media optimization, there are two important aspects: firstly, you need to optimize search results within social media channels, and secondly, you need to optimize social post content for major search engines. The main intent of all the SMO activities is to make your business easily found across varied internet searches allowing more and more people to find and connect with you.

Following are few prominent SMO skills that can help your business considerably:

Link social profiles with website

Get all your social media accounts up and running. Empower your website with social sharing capabilities. Allow your visitors easy access to your social media profiles, provide a direct link from the website to the social profile and from the profile back to the website. You can also share social links with blogs.

Post consistently

Do not drought your social media profiles, maintain a decent supply of creative, informative, and entertaining posts. Never pause postings for an extended duration, fill out complete profile information, and always keep your contact information updated.

Use keywords

Keywords play a major role in enhancing exposure on social media platforms, and in beating the competition. The content used in social media posts, ad campaigns, promotional content and profile description should be rich in keywords. Make sure to use similar keywords in SEO and social media to avoid discrepancies.

Stay active and be social

Actively respond to comments and messages, two-way communication is important. Social media platforms are ideal to build relationships with customers. Having a profile is as important as staying active on that profile. Do not stay in a nutshell, participate in conversations, nurture your follower base, and share appealing content from both your website and other related sources.

Choose a cover image smartly

The cover image speaks volumes about your brand always make sure that it makes a good impression on the visitor. Use it as an opportunity to promote your business and convey your brand communication. Do not use a cluttered cover image that is overflowing with text, keep it short and simple. It should be a mindful blend of creativity, image and content focused on your target audience. You can also promote your offers, news, and upcoming events through the cover image.

Social media is a powerful medium to boost your website's organic search results if properly optimized. ValueHits has offered social media services to many national and international clients. We have used the above-mentioned social media optimization skills to help our clients seamlessly achieving their business objectives.

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