Is Remarketing Important for Business?

PPC | July 21, 2020

Remarketing is the chance to reach out to customers who paid a visit to your website through banner ads. Whenever a customer visits your site, they are tagged with a unique cookie that allows you to advertise them online. This way, you get more chances of conversion in sales. It falls under ppc campaign management services and is a great way to bring back customers.

Is Remarketing Important for Business?


How this works is, if a customer is looking for a product online and leaves the website without making a purchase, the visitor is tagged as “site visitor.” This way, the website can deliver an advertisement specifically to these “site visitors.” You can even segment visitor groups based on the pages they visited to show them highly-relevant ads and increase repeat visits to your site. Remarketing has the following advantages:

1. Engagement with the target audience:

96% of the people who paid a visit to your website will leave without making a purchase, and 49% of them will visit 2-4 times before they go ahead with the purchase. Remarketing helps in reengaging your audience and help them lead back to your site. Remarketing helps to follow your customer from site-to-site.

2. Increased brand awareness:

Remarketing is used as a tool by 43% of the companies to increase their online presence and recognition. Remarketing helps in creating brand awareness for your company in the early stages of the purchase process of your product. Remarketing in Google ads management helps establish authority on your product which helps bring back customers when they are ready to make a purchase.

3. Increase Conversions on your Website:

Remarketing is used by 55% of companies to gain customers. By advertising are other places like websites, blogs, articles, etc. remarketing helps you to regain your visitors. Remarketing ads allow you to create custom messages which attract visitors to revisit your website and complete the purchase. People coming back to your site for a second, third, or fourth time are more likely to buy, because they have already seen your websites, so your products or services are more familiar to them.

4. Attract your Competitors’ Customers:

Remarketing is used by 12% of companies to target your competitors’ customers. With remarketing, your ads pop up on the customer’s browser after they have visited your website or search for a particular keyword. That means you can target people who’ve visited websites that are highly related to your product, including your competitors as well.


Great marketing strategies help you reach your target audience and boost up your customer base. Remarketing is an excellent solution to reach your target audience, increase conversion rates, and improve your product sales. Hire the best google campaign management likes us at ValueHits to bring back valued customers to your website.

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