Secure Your Social Media Presence With These Tips

Social Media Marketing | April 27, 2020

Social media and its features have made a significant impact on our lives. It has revolutionized the way we use the internet. It has integrated itself into our online activities – from staying updated with news, to staying connected, etc. Majority of the people will access social media on a daily basis.

The reason everyone is hooked on to social media is different. Some use it to reach a broad audience. Some use to connect with people, especially their loved ones. Others see it as a way to communicate with the audience directly. The term audience may refer to your beloved fans and followers that anticipate your next post or may apply to your clients and customers that are waiting for an update regarding your company’s products or services.

There will be people on social media who perceive it as a way to build their personal or corporate brand. And to gain more domain authority, companies may use Social Media Marketing Services for paid advertising on social media. And then, there will be people where social media presence will be integrated into their workplace. These are just some of the ways social media impacts our lives.

Since social media represent us, our brand, and our identity, we need to protect it. Coming under a malicious attack or threat on social media may endanger an individual or the company as an organizational entity. Here’s what you can do to protect your social media presence:

1. Limiting access to social media accounts:

Most security breaches happen through erroneous entry by a co-worker or employees on their social media site. Restrict access to social media accounts to only authorized personnel can help protect your brand and its identity.

2. Optimize Your Security Settings:

Training is needed for us to understand the best practices in social media etiquette and apply it in all our postings, even whenever we comment or connect with our audience. also, provide a proper setting with Privacy, visibility, and sharing settings.

3. A good foundation policy:

A foundation policy must be laid down for your social media accounts no matter if you are a part of a small team or a big company. This policy is a must when hiring Social Media Marketing Services. This policy may include:

- List of people authorized to handle specific tasks on the account
- List of people to handle problems
- A set of rules for proper uniform branding.
- Guidelines for confidentiality and copyright.

4. Two-step verification:

In today’s age, having a strong password isn’t enough. An extra layer of protection can be added on your social media accounts through two-step verification. Whenever you access your account, a confirmation will be sent to the registered email ID or mobile number. This code expires within a few minutes. Such checks secure your account further.

5. Reviewing your account:

Your social media account is an expression of who you are, your brand, and your identity. Many cyber attackers inject malicious code into your social media account that can damage your account and your brand. Therefore, you should be regularly reviewing your accounts to ensure everything is in order. A good security check maintains the integrity of your account.


These are some precautions and tips you should be following to maintain your social media presence. As the dynamics of your site changes in terms of followers and subscriber growth, the security measures should also tighten up. Securing your social media presence should be your priority. Hire social media expert to up your security!

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