SEM Metrics To Measure And Understand Buying Behavior

SEM Metrics To Measure And Understand Buying Behavior

Social Media Marketing | May 15, 2013

SEM is a way by which one can market their website and increase its visibility. It is the promotion of a particular website so as to increase traffic. In order to make consumers aware of their products/services advertising is undertaken. It is also done to for the customer to change their brand preference to the advertised brand. A consumer's buying behavior is affected by a number of factors.

These include:

Awareness: If your customers are not aware of your brand i.e they do not know that you exist, then they are surely not going to buy anything from you. Hence, advertising should make the customers aware of your brand along with the advantages of buying it.

Choice: Since the customer is free to choose, you need to give him reasons which enable him to choose you. There should be a brand recall in order to fix yourself in the minds of the customers.

Loyalty: Customer loyalty is a very important aspect. Your brand image should be such that your customers become loyal to your brand. In order for attain brand loyalty, you will have to be honest in your dealings and win their trust.

Preference: A consumer will have preferences in terms of brand, store, service provider etc. The advertising should set such an impression on the minds of the people that they should prefer your brand over the others.

Search Engines nowadays are witnessing tough competition. Even the top brands are finding it difficult to convert their prospects into customers. Search Engine Marketing has become very important even for the best brands in order to reach their target audience and increase your sales. The following 4 metrics can help:

Pages per click: It is the basis of measurement as to how many pages on your site are seen by your visitor. In order for this to be higher, you need to have interesting and quality content.

Cost Per Page: This is the cost of your pages when a visitor visits them. You should know how many pages on an average a visitor visits so as to know the cost for them.

Cost Per TouchPoint: A touchpoint is where your visitors or customers interact with your business. Due to increasing stress on social media given by many brands, customer and brand interaction has increased. You need to know your cost for every touchpoint.

Cost Per Influence Point: Some people are more influential than others. There are certain tools to measure the value of the influencer. Klout and Kred are the widely used ones. There has not been enough research done in this context yet.


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