SEO package prices in 2021

SEO package prices in 2021

SEO | May 5, 2021

The answer to “How much should be the budget for SEO?” has always been complicated. SEO prices vary based on a lot of different factors. A robust SEO strategy requires a scientific approach to determine which plan will make the most sense to the business. If you are competing with 20 businesses to be on top of the SERPs, then ten businesses will miss out from page 1 placement. That’s what you need to consider with your SEO plans and budgets.

SEO package prices in 2021


A continuous SEO plan for an established website requires less extensive work, but there are lots of reporting and adjustments. If your website is in the starting stages, then the SEO cost will be on the higher side. However, you have the option to move into a less expensive standard monthly plan. Or you can speak with an expert and retain them while handling the recurring work. When you sign up for the SEO package, this is what you will be paying for:

1. Website page updation

2. Internal linking structure monitoring and updation

3. Backlink outreach and implementation

4. Creating content

How much does the SEO package cost? That will depend on how badly you want to outrank your competition. In the end, that’s all it matters, and also the cost of tools and outsourcing. The upfront cost of SEO might be high than what you’d be paying for a monthly SEO package. Often, SEO agencies will deeply analyse your website, make a whole load of changes, and then move on to niche work areas of your website.

Technically speaking, SEO is free. You don’t have to pay to get your website on the SERPs. Google ranks your website on the basis of your website’s expertise, authority and trust. Google ranks a website only if they are valuable to their users. The cost aspect comes in for the SEO experts and specialists and their work. SEO tools also cost money. So, when you hire an SEO agency, there are a lot of cost aspects that go on building your SEO package.

lso, time is money, and SEO is a time-consuming process. SEO also requires you to have a certain skill set and knowledge to curate and follow the right SEO strategy. An expert or an agency will know the best ways to boost your rankings and create content that will help with your website’s search engine optimization. All of this helps your website climb the ranks on the SERPs.

Many variables can affect the price of an SEO package. The prices can be based on keywords, one-time fee, hourly payments, variable fee, pay-per-performance, retainer, etc. The best action will be to consider an agency that offers you a custom package that best suits your needs. ValueHits offers a range of SEO pricing and packages. Give us a call to know more.

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