Should You Outsource Social Media Marketing For Your Business?

Social Media Marketing | June 1, 2015

With the increasing need to get a presence on the web, businesses are now realizing that having a website is not enough. Optimization of websites for search engines has become famous today for every business and so has the need to be popular on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and more. Given the prominence of social media, many companies are now opting for Social Media Optimization (SMO) to reach new customers, build a brand's reputation and increase the opportunity to link to your business webpage. When it comes to managing social media marketing, most companies do it in-house thus requiring a lot of time investment. To let you know, posting on social networking sites for business purpose is different as opposed to regular updates. Hence, it is better to have an expert hand as they know what strategies to implement and how to improve on it.

Should You Outsource Social Media Marketing For Your Business


Firstly, it is important for you to know why it is necessary to optimize your web page for social media? Before deciding whether to hire an expert for social media marketing, let us get to practical question what would your business derive from it? Social Media brings more genuine traffic as attraction of users visiting your business profile depends on content and how the content is shared on various networks. It gives your brand an identity

Let's get to know why you should outsource social media marketing? Managing social media isn't as easy as it seems and it doesn't just involves sharing and liking, there's more to it. If you do not have time & an experienced resource to look into marketing, then it is better that you hire an SMO agency.

  • Your in-house resource may not be expert at handling all aspects of social media. Thus a professional expert can help you build a targeted plan, know who the competitors are, what strategies to implement, how to engage people in niche areas, answer their questions, what type of content to post to bring traffic, and how to convert prospective customers into leads.

  • Just because you read social media should be a must-have for a business doesn't mean you should do it too. For venturing into any new marketing, a business needs to have certain specific goals which you want to accomplish like brand awareness/driving sales. A professional firm can help you identify realistic goals that aligns with your business objectives.

  • Once you've figured out goals, is your organization ready to devote that time to social media? Is your resource capable of handling your brand's social reputation? By hiring an SMO services firm, you can get invaluable information and this can save you a lot of time which you can invest in managing other important aspects of your business.

  • A SMO expert knows how to plan social media activities. They create a calender wherein everything is planned in advanced what kind of post to update on profile page. In case, there are occasional hiccups in content posting, they know what adjustments to make. To track the performance of social media, experts make use of Google Analytics to figure out what type of content is getting more interest. Based on this, content can be scheduled and published. However, an in-house resource may be not be capable of handling this efficiently.

  • By doing it in-house, how would you know you're getting value for money? Only a specialist company knows how to track the progress of social media activity and how results can be measured.

  • There's another reason for not doing it in-house, your company would have to invest unnecessary amount of labor cost & time (for training) by choosing a dedicated resource within your organization to handle social media activities. The cost of outsourcing social media to an experienced online marketing agency is much lower.

  • Although social media may seem for you only about updates and posts, however, it is about influencing visitors through engaging, thoughtful & quality content. If you messages aren't generating interest all, you need to do is outsource social media. A professional SMO services company have an integrated team of specialists - marketing, graphic design and web management, community managers, social media strategists, analysts and content producers to implement task various functions.

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