Single Page Websites Good Bad SEO

Single Page Websites Good Bad SEO

SEO | January 15, 2018

If you are planning to create a website for your business you would be stuck around a confusion of opting for a single page or multi-page website. Where single page websites are simple, fast, responsive, provide all the information on just one page and manage all devices equally. On the other hand, multi-page websites have a lot of content for the visitors.

The kind of traffic you desire

Search engines may or may not be the primary source of traffic to a particular website. To optimize a site there should be something to optimize, due to lack of content on a single page website, you will not be able to drive plenty of search traffic even post optimization. You can target an array of keywords and market segments only when there are multiple pages with sufficient content. Thus, if you rely on search engines like Google to draw most of the traffic to your website, a one-pager can be your biggest flaw.

When SEO goals are not too big

Nevertheless, one business has different needs than other. You may or may not need a robust SEO campaign depending on your online marketing requirement. If you wish to make your website searchable by your brand name, a minimalistic SEO would do that for you. You can optimize the literally brief content available on your website with a few super targeted keywords and rank yourself only on them. Example: Buy Nicolas Types - If you are a tyre seller called Nicolas expecting to rank only for the keyword “Nicolas Tyres”, a single page website will work for you.

In a case of low competition

If you belong to an industry or sector or location where the competition is low, you may earn suitable traffic from a single page website. Example: If your targeted keyword is “Newborn photoshoot in Trump Street” you may rank high for it, if there isn't enough competition for that search term; But if multi-page websites with solid content and keyword optimization are targetting the same keyword, your chances to rank for it become considerably less.

Thus, it can be said that single page website is a double-edged weapon for business SEO. It goes well in some situations and not in others. If you are a small business, that just wants to promote itself and target only a few keywords, then it is good to use a single page website. Whereas for giant businesses targetting multiple keywords on search engines it is good to use an explanatory multi-page website. Consider the conditions discussed above before taking your final call, for a successful SEO campaign.