Some Common SEO Mistakes That You Should Stop Doing

SEO | August 4, 2017

No matter the amount of effort you put in to rank your page higher in the search engine results, if you are not doing it right, your hard work won’t pay off. SEO is not easy and rankings can’t be achieved overnight. We’ve all been there. Developing ideas, building strategies, but at a point, nothing seems to work and this may be happening due to some mistakes that’s not bringing us the desired results. Today, we will be taking a look at some common SEO mistakes that marketers do and should doing them.

Some Common SEO Mistakes That You Should Stop Doing


Not investing time in keyword research

Of course, it is the basic step of SEO; however, we fail to invest in enough time to generate a proper and effective keyword list. Keyword research is not an easy task and it takes a lot of time as it the base of your SEO strategy, which acts a deciding factor of your success. It’s no more about keywords and rankings but about being relevant enough to what the user is looking for. When a user types in a keyword, he has an intent. For instance, if a user types ‘Indian Food’, his intent may be to order food from a restaurant and Google comes up with relevant search results by providing restaurant details on the first page.

So, stop using the old school techniques and build a strategy that will actually work for your business.

Not optimizing home page

Often marketers underestimate their home page and don’t optimize their home page for conversion purpose. But the truth is, your home page may get more traffic than the other pages, so make sure you optimize your home page as well.

Poor internal link structure

Interlinking is a great way to bring traffic to your website, but sometimes, marketers overdo it by including too many links in a content. It looks too spammy. Don’t do that. Add links only where required. Doing too much can hurt your SEO.

Bad use of subheadings

Using subheading wrongly or inconsistently can do more harm than good to your SEO. Most common error include using H1 tags for subheadings, using subheadings inconsistently, inserting headings in the navigation or menu or using bold or size formatting in place of subheadings. Make the right use of subheadings to avoid a mess.

Not making the 404 page interesting

Landing on a 404 page can be frustrating sometimes and due to that, your visitor may not return. But do you know you can convince them to stick to your website by optimizing your 404 page? Create an interesting 404 page that will want your visitors to come back and check if your website is live again. Add some humor or a creative touch to your 404 page. It will enhance user experience and increase the chances of re-visits to your website.

Now that you know what SEO mistakes you’re making, you can try to avoid them and improve your marketing.

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