The Importance of Maintaining a Social Media Presence

social media marketing | 29 July 2019 Reading Time: 3 minutes

The world’s population stands at around 7.5 billion people. Out of these, Wikipedia says, there are approximately 2.77 billion people on social media. Now that’s a mind-boggling number you cannot afford to miss. So, no matter how big or small your business is, you need a social media presence to get things going.  And if you do not know how to proceed, then ValueHits is always at your service! We are just one call away.

The importance of maintaining a social media presence is that it helps you connect with potential customers, increase brand awareness, and help garner better sales. Social media has grown into a critical platform for marketing.

It’s 2019, and if you still don’t have a social media presence for your business, you’re missing out on significant marketing opportunities. Get in touch with us and we’ll be able to provide you with a list of benefits associated by having an online presence of your business:

1) Brand Awareness:
Your potential audience will be amongst the 2.77 billion social media users. If you do not have an online presence, people will not know about your brand’s existence. With social media posts, you’ll be able to reach your potential audience far more quickly. Get in touch with ValueHits, and we can help you strategize content and make better use of social media platforms. These strategies can help you determine which social media platforms are the most suitable for your business.

2) Authoritative Brand Image:
Portray your brand image where your customers have easy access to all the data they need from your business. Your social media presence should reflect your business with a robust profile and relevant content. Your brand’s first impression on your customers through social media should be positive and should exude your brand’s trustworthiness. Your social media marketing strategy should radiate your brand’s expertise in thought leadership.

3) Authentic Branding:
Give your brand a voice – formal, casual, funny, friendly, etc. This voice gives your brand a personality which enables your audience to engage better. Stay true to your brand, represent who you are, and people will be able to relate easily. Dry and monotonous corporate-styled posts need to be revamped to gain traction. Let us at ValueHits help you in this ordeal of building your brand.

4) Engagement:
Social media is striving with engaging ideas – all you need to do is strike the right chords. Your content on social media should be appealing – enough to make your audience like and share your post which further helps in building your brand awareness. One viral video or a hashtag, Instagram stories, Facebook live videos, etc. are ideas which will help achieve engagement. If you’re struggling with engagement ideas, consider consulting us to garner better engagement.

5) Support:
Nowadays, customers grievances are solved easily through social media. Gone are the days where people used to wait in line on customer care hotlines. Now, when your customers face any issue, they hit social media. Here, your brand’s dynamic nature comes into play. Promptly solving problems of your customer on social media can build a strong rapport between your client and your brand. We also offer Online Reputation Management services where your brand’s reputation is kept positive.

With all those benefits, you cannot afford to miss out on branding your company on social media. Social media has become a significant part of our lives, where people often come over for fun, news, and to network. Reach out to us! We can help to cater to your audience better and further assist in building a positive brand image. We are all you need. Here’s to building brands and more!

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