These Are the Flubs You Should Be Avoiding As A Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Agency | 26 March 2020 THESE ARE THE FLUBS YOU SHOULD BE AVOIDING AS A DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY Reading Time: 3 minutes

Today’s digital environment has become way too tough to show an effective award-winning performance that the clients can value. Achieving such a task can keep your clients happy. Mistakes are part of a digital marketing campaign; that’s how you learn, adapt and grow. As a Digital Marketing Agency, you will see many clients of different categories – all you have to do is avoid three significant mistakes that deny you of campaign management success. Those three mistakes are:

1. More focus on the website, less on the client:

You need to know your client. Every engagement should begin with acclimating your client – who your client is, what do they sell and why are they reaching out to you. Many often try understanding the client by only reviewing their social presence and their website. Here, you need to view the bigger picture. You can try out their product or service to better understand what your client is offering to the customers. You need to understand the entire product/service inside out. If they have a physical location, visit it. Deep-dive into their offerings with a list of questions and get as much information you can from the client. If you do not get a proper hang of what your client is trying to offer to the people, you will feel the pinch later. Deep diving early before strategizing can set the course straight for your campaign, and avoid significant changes than in the future. Some of the questions you should be asking your client are:

a. Why did they choose your agency?
b. What bothers them the most?
c. What works for them?
d. What are their expectations from your agency?

Covering these questions will help you get a better perception of the client wants from you and where they need you.

2. Inaccurate goals:

Lack of proper understanding will lead to wrong conclusions. Nothing’s worse than presenting results that you believed to be a successful campaign, only to find out that the client had completely different expectations from you. Deep-dive meetings will help you understand your client’s overall needs, but setting the goals should be done in collaboration. You can collaborate with the client’s marketing and sales team and learn more about what they need to accomplish. And you can explain what’s attainable through digital execution. A complete understanding of your client will help you to educate your clients on what will be considered rock-solid goals as well as key performance indicators (KPIs) that will help lead you in attaining active goals.

3. Set it and forget it:

Be indispensable. People who craft a campaign and believe now everything can be taken in-house or by another agency only heads for the worse. As a digital marketing agency, you should always be thinking about the next step. Even when you far down the road, it is never too late to make changes and reroute the plan to success. Keep learning, hone your skills and adapt to new platforms. Keep your client up to date with the ever-changing digital industry. This way, you become more than just an invoice for the company. Report to your client every week, engage in team meetings occasionally, etc. can help your agency maintain a good rapport with the client.


Nobody is perfect, and mistakes have always been part of the plan. But some processes can help you avoid severe cases that can break the entire strategy. As a Digital Marketing Agency, you will always be facing hurdles and challenges. It is our strategy to overcome these challenges that will help maintain a good relationship with your clients and get more business.

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