Top 5 SEO Strategies For Start-up Websites

Top 5 SEO Strategies For Start-up Websites

SEO | July 10, 2015

For start-up websites, it is easy to end up feeling invisible in the web world if there aren't much online marketing efforts. Moreover, things can get complicated if you don't know how to start making a presence on the internet with presence of many competent players growing their business. The good news is there are many internet marketing concepts which you can use for gaining visibility. One of them is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is a process of improving the visibility of a website on the organic search engine results page. As a start-up business, everyone has aspirations to get better website traffic, business growth and branding. To ensure that start-ups receive maximum SEO benefits, we've listed out some tips.

Setting Up Basic Requirements:

When performing optimization for your website, it is essential to set up necessary tools important from SEO services point of view. As part of the process, experts will first set up Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools, in which both will be linked. This lets you know how users are perceiving your site organically. A significant aspect for starting with SEO services for start-ups is website analysis that lets you know about site issues, helps you to analyze and gauge the ranking potential of your web pages.

Research On Keywords:

Proper SEO begins with listing out relevant keywords for your website. You can need to engage in competitor analysis for keywords, through which you can come to know what keywords should be used and how it would benefit your site for visibility. By tracking the right kind of keywords, you can attract the right kind of traffic. Besides, it is also important to remember that stuffing of keyword to rank better, although this can bring traffic but not the relevant ones. In fact, your site may also get penalized by Google because it is considered as spamming.

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly:

With its latest algorithm, Google has made necessary for all websites to be mobile friendly. To gain most from SEO services, then it is important to follow this algorithm. This is because many users are now relying on mobile phones for searches and if they find that your website isn't compatible with their mobile, your site is at the cost of losing valuable traffic. Having a mobile friendly site, you can see improvements in rankings while you can immediately engage with users with a call to action features. Also, it lets you have an edge over competitors.


Make sure that each page of your site contains unique content. Today, it isn't only about the text, you can also insert videos, images, infographics or PDF documents as part of content. SEO services require content to be up-to-date so that your ranking can improve further and this will also keep customers coming back to your site. Having a good quality content matters as users visit your website based on relevancy. You can also keep visitors updated through blogs or PRs.

Proper On-site Optimization:

On-site optimization is bout making your start-up website technically reliable. Under this, the site is optimized by inserting meta description, writing alt tags for images, giving a unique title tag for each web page, including targeted keywords in each page's URL. To ensure that Google crawlers are able to crawl your site, XML sitemaps are developed. It is basically a quick overview of your site and it is also important from user experience point of view. A sitemap shows a visitor a path where they intend to visit.

Link Building:

This is extremely an important activity when it comes to SEO services. This requires proper understanding of how to use anchor text tags and how to gain maximum return from them through link building. Linking out to authoritative resources helps you to improve search ranking. It is also necessary for SEO experts to make sure that internal links are well indexed. To make your website visible, experts carry out off page optimization tasks including social bookmarking, submitting your sites to business listings, directories and so on.

Create A Great User Experience:

Most websites tend to succeed in getting relevant traffic and better ranking is because they provide an exceptional user experience. What makes a site satisfy user experience? Fast loading speed, proper navigation, having superior content, these and other factors motivates a user to visit your site. SEO services are aimed to make your site user-friendly.


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