Use Bing Ads To Reach New Customers

Social Media Marketing | February 14, 2018

It was eight years ago that Windows launched Bing since then the search engine has strongly fought its top competitor and search giant Google. We have got to see the inclusion of new features in Bing like ‘popular content’ section providing information about the web pages that attract maximum traffic. Bing has also redesigned its mobile application search feature to boost searches on Android devices.

Use Bing Ads To Reach New Customers


These advancements are actually solidifying Bing’s relevance in the web space. According to a research by comScore, desktop search ranking of Google fell .3 points while Bing rose by .2 %. Though the gap between Google and Bing searchers is still huge, Bing’s influence is greater than what majority presumes.

Though Bing may not be the most popular search engine but it has its own set of advantages that entice online marketers and businesses, few of them are highlighted below:

1) Comparatively cheap and less competitive

Advertising on Bing is all and all a different story. The competition among bidders is mild and the cpc bid is cheaper in comparison to Google Adwords. For the same search term bid, you will be charged a lesser amount on Bing with more chances of great ad placement due to low competition among advertisers.

2) Bing allows you to take charge of the campaign at ad group level

Google Adwords offers changes only at the campaign level and ad groups are limited to the settings so defined. It is indeed taxing, if you need to alter these parameters you need to set up a new campaign. Bing provides far more control and alteration at the ad group level. You can set different location, language, ad schedule and rotation setting for various ad groups. This aids digital marketer in deeply targeting desired audiences and fine-tuning every ad that shows up for specified search terms.

3) Crystal-clear search partner information

Bing does not believe in concealing its search partners, you can target searches on Bing and Yahoo or on search partners or on both as you may please. You can drop search partners that are not producing adequate results and add new partners that you think have potential. Google Adwords does not reveal its search partners, so this also rules out the ability to exclude unwanted partners.

4) Connect easily through social extensions

Social extensions can be placed under the ad copy, they allow prospects to connect and communicate with the advertiser on social channels like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc. The searcher is taken to the social profile or post upon clicking the social extension. To add credibility to an advertisement Bing also shows the advertiser’s twitter followers.

5) Demographic targeting

Google Adwords does not allow you to demographically target search engine advertisements. But, Bing empowers advertisers to set age and gender of their target audience so that the ad appears only to those people who meet this selected criteria. This considerably enhances ad’s performance and conversion rates.

The points highlighted above justify the potential of Bing Ads as a promising marketing medium to attract new prospects and grow business.

ValueHits is a leading digital marketing agency offering holistic online marketing solutions to clients from varied industries. We utilize the above features to plan and execute Bing Advertising campaigns as a part of our online marketing strategy. Contact us for more details.

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