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Instagram marketing services | 13 July 2020 Using Instagram For Your Business Reading Time: 2 minutes

Being one of the largest social media platforms on the internet, Instagram has become a beehive for advertisers. Instagram has nearly 80% of active users who are religiously following at least one brand. Many businesses use Instagram as a platform to connect with their potential customers and clients on a global level. You can use Instagram Marketing Services for bringing your business up a notch on this social media platform. And also, here’s a comprehensive guide for making the most of Instagram for your business:

1) Create an Instagram account:

This platform is mostly simple compared to other social networks like Facebook. There aren’t many boxes to check to create an account here. But you need to be concise with your profile data as there isn’t much space for vast amounts of details. You need a profile photo to start with. Your account name will be your business name. The website section will allow people to visit your website through here. A 150-character bio will explain your business to the people visiting your profile.

2) A plan:

Instagram is a visual platform, and you need a creative visual idea to start with. You need a brand guide that ensures your profile represents a consistent and accurate representation of your brand. Make sure you have a color palette, fonts, formatting, layout, and logo ready before you head out towards Instagram. Your Instagram Marketing Strategy is critical for getting the most out of your Instagram account. Ask yourself questions like who is your target audience? What are you going to share? – to get a better idea of your content plan. Hiring Instagram marketing services can help you curate a robust marketing plan.

3) Social Media calendar:

When you are ready with your content, create a calendar to schedule and make the most of your time. This way, you can ensure that you are consistent with your posting. Creating a content calendar helps you plan out your posts, the draft captions and get a view of how your feed will look like. Also, scheduling posts saves a lot of time in the long run.

4) Profile optimization and presence:

Developed as a mobile-first platform, Instagram isn’t as robust as its Facebook counterpart, but you can still effectively market your business and brand. Tools for link expansion provides you with increased flexibility to promote specials or content within your Instagram posts. You can never miss out on hashtags when optimizing Instagram. Instagram allows you up to 30 hashtags, and so you have enough flexibility to target and be specific. Use single words or short phrases or a mix of both. Branded hashtags are also a great option.

5) Stories:

You can share videos or images as stories on your Instagram, but it has a 24-hour expiration date. They appear at the top of your follower’s feeds and can be used to share real-time updates and events. Use stories as a way to promote content from other users, share behind the scenes photos and videos, and show the many faces of your brand to humanize your business and create an emotional connection with followers.


Instagram provides enough potential to bring in a whole new genre of audience. If you find all of this overwhelming, you can hire Instagram Marketing Services to improve your presence on Instagram. We at ValueHits, strive to grow your business at every step. Do give us a call for a free consultation.

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