Ways to improve your Click-Through Rates (CTR)

Ways to improve your Click-Through Rates (CTR)

PPC | December 31, 2020

If you have been into SEO for some time, you’d be pretty familiar with the term ‘CTR.’ CTR stands for Click-Through Rates, and it is a metric that measures the number of clicks received on a page or a post divided by the number of impressions generated. It is an essential aspect of google ads campaign management. You would generally want a high CTR from which you will convert your prospects and lower bounce rates. Here are several ways in which you can improve your CTR.

Excellent content pieces:

If you are trying to improve your click-through rates on your website or blog, make sure whatever content you out is of high quality. Excellent PPC campaign management services, can get you high-quality traffic. You should be focusing heavily on making the content attractive and relevant to your audience. A good piece of content that is relevant to its audience will always get more searches. So, make sure you are writing content that can easily engage with your people. Also, focus on keywords and its search volume to improve its rank in SERP.


Calls to Action buttons across your website at relevant places will encourage the visitors to click on them for more information about the niche. When assigning such buttons, make sure it is brightly colored and contains minimal text and graphics. The best place to position the button should be above the scroll-down option. This attracts more people to click on it.

Use only relevant advertisers:

Providing relevant information to your target audience through blogs can help improve your click-through rates. You can learn about your readers and the type of information they are seeking. Therefore, if you are adding advertising and CTAs relevant to your blog’s niche, then there’s a higher chance that those people will click on it. If you can improve the relevance of the external ads, it would prove far more beneficial for you.


You need to groom the content you are presenting on your website. The way you are presenting your content to your target audience also matters. Your content's layout plays a crucial role in making people visit your website, click on CTAs, and more. Also, you should focus on positioning your ads too. The placement of your advertisements can make a lot of difference in the success rate of your website.

Dwell time and CTR:

Dwell time is the time spent by a visitor on a web page. This time is calculated from the moment of entry on the webpage to exit from the webpage. CTR is a ratio showing how often people who see your ad or free product listing end up clicking it. Click-through rate (CTR) can be used to gauge how well your keywords and ads, and free listings, are performing.


CTR is an important aspect of PPC, and you cannot avoid it. Work towards improving your CTR rate. Improving CTR results in better dwell time. Better Dwell time results in better conversions! Consult with us for the best PPC packages.