What Happens When You Stop SEO?

seo | 20 April 2020 What Happens When You Stop SEO? Reading Time: 2 minutes

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the digital marketing discipline that needs careful planning, execution, and maintenance over a long period of time to generate a significant return. This extended time is due to the very nature of search engines like Google who demand that websites need to play by a particular set of rules to climb out of obscurity and onto the front page of search results. Many websites make a common mistake of assuming that once they reach the first page of the results, their online presence is fully optimized, and their SEO job is done. They will believe that their results will stay this way indefinitely. However, the truth is, SEO Service is a constant ongoing process that needs continuous monitoring and maintenance to generate a return.

So, what happens when you stop your SEO?

Both your rankings and website traffic will take a hit. Both factors will start to decrease in numbers. All of this, because SEO takes time to build results gradually. Since the time taken to bring in the results is slow, even the process of reversing it is gradual. This is because your rankings will drop relative to your competitors who are continually improving their SEO. In simple terms, SEO is a marathon, not a sprint.

Imagine you are a sportsperson who trains every day for a marathon. Training every day helps you to keep improving and even become better than your competitors. But then, you suddenly decide to stop training. You manage to stay good in the initial days without training, but with every passing day, you become weaker and weaker. It is the same case with SEO services. Once you suddenly stop all your activities of your SEO, all your efforts go in vain, and your site’s ranking and traffic grow weaker and weaker, until all your competitors push your website down and out of the search results.

When you stop SEO, the fall is much faster than the rise. This is because you’ve stopped implementing the SEO tactics that inform search engines your site is still relevant. You won’t initially notice the decline in rankings or traffic for months, as all your SEO work will be affecting, but these effects are short-lived. When you stop refreshing your website with fresh content, and lack of link building strategies will make the search engines forget about you. This will inevitably cause a drop in organic traffic and may even lead your website to be hidden than it was when you initially started SEO.

Another reason behind a decline in search visibility is the fact that search engine algorithms aren’t going to cease getting smarter just because you’ve stopped SEO. This means that algorithmic updates can make optimization work you’ve relied on obsolete, hastening the decline of your website’s authority.

Is it too late to restart SEO?

Even when you stopped SEO Services for a long time and experienced a substantial drop in rankings, it is never too late to restart SEO and claw your way back into the search results pages. Reengaging SEO can help enable you to regain your positions much quicker than your original attempt. You need to stay prepared for continued growth in the future.

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