What is the purpose of FAQs on the website?

SEO | December 6, 2019

Let’s start with the basics first – what is FAQ?

What is the purpose of FAQs on the website


FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. An FAQ page on your website is a collection of valuable information in an organised fashion, which can be accessed by your customers who wish to find answers to the questions related to your products and services. FAQs offer a lot of benefits, as it can provide information to the audience. Its benefits include:

1. Improved customer experience
2. Help people make quick purchase decisions
3. Your employees can answer quickly to simple questions
4. Improves visibility on search engines
5. Boost sales

With proper professional seo services, you will be able to leverage the potential offered by FAQ pages and reach your target audience easily. Your website’s FAQ section will become a go-to destination for your customers, as it will be rich with information. Many small businesses overlook including a FAQ on their website. But when they do, they are increasing their online presence and driving quality traffic to their site.

Importance of FAQ page:

A business’s website needs to have an FAQ page. A clean architecture and a great user experience coupled with great content will bring users to your website, but your FAQ section will draw most of your traffic and convert more customers. And your FAQ needs to have high-quality content that will help customers find answers to their questions quickly.
FAQs play an essential role when it comes to providing customers with the information they seek. Such pages play a central role in converting your prospective customers to paying ones. High-quality search engine optimised content will help your business reach your goals. And to achieve those goals, you will need assistance from SEO services.

You can also use your FAQ pages as a form of social proof as your business can establish your website as a valuable asset to drive sales.

Benefits of a FAQ page:

1) Product Linking:

Your FAQ pages do not just answer the questions your audience is searching for. It also serves as a page where they can learn more about the products/service and their functioning. FAQ section is often the highlight of your website, therefore, it will be wise to link your product pages to your FAQ pages. This will significantly benefit your SEO’s internal linking strategy and further refine your SEO services.

2) Address your user’s needs:

You to improve your business authority and conversions, you will need to increase the usability of your site. And for this purpose, you will need an excellent FAQ section. This FAQ section will serve as a hub for your customer questions. Addressing the needs of your user is one of the most substantial reasons to have a FAQ section. Having a high-quality FAQ section will serve all the information your customers are seeking. Providing accurate information will help customers avoid confusion and make a decision quickly, thereby increasing your business sales.

3) Being a business expert:

When someone asks you a question, they are seeking answers from you since they consider you as an expert. Your customers want to gain information about your product and services related to your business, and your business will be the best expert in answering these questions. Here, your FAQ section will establish your business as a trusted expert. Whenever your audience asks you a question, your business should be able to supply them with accurate information. Also, your competition will also be working to draw your customers to them. Therefore, you need to provide excellent correct answers to make people come to your site.

4) Increased Sales

SEO services allow for optimised FAQ sections, thereby increasing the number of visitors to your website. This results in more sales of your products and services. Tailoring your FAQ page to the specific needs of your customers and focusing on the content they are seeking, along with the product links – everything contributes to the increased sales of your business.

5) SEO boost

Engines love FAQ sections since they provide essential content to help Google understand your business. Search engines love good, high-quality content and FAQ pages are the perfect place to publish lots of them, which helps your business to be found easily on search engines. You can also use long-tail keywords with FAQ pages. The more you answer your customer’s questions with keyword-rich answers, the more will be your desired result!


If you are a business and you have a website, there’s a need for the FAQ page on your website. FAQs are a gateway for many beneficial things related to marketing. Satisfying your customer’s needs and ranking high amongst your competition on search engines are a couple of advantages you can get with FAQs. Get on board and chase success with ease, with the SEO services offered by ValueHits – a Digital Marketing company in mumbai.

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