Why Brand Perception Matters

Content Writing | August 27, 2019

Relationships with the customers build the business, and how they perceive the brand sets the tone. Today's consumer tends to express their opinions and experiences on a larger scale, and their peers trust them when it comes to making a purchase decision.


If a customer had a positive experience with a company, the chances are that the brand will be recommended to a friend. Companies often try to cultivate a positive brand perception to target the consumers, but it is not as easy as it looks. Today's customers are more knowledgeable. They would always opt for brands that offer the most; therefore, building loyalty is a task. Customers are always looking for better experiences and are willing to switch to brands until their needs are satisfied. That's why your brand's perception matters. It should be unique and intriguing to your customers.

With a negative brand perception, your customer's will choose your competitors over you, and tell other potential audience why they chose a different company over you. That's why brand perception impacts your business by a lot. Most companies assume that they know how their customers feel about them. Though, for better clarity, it essential you run an analysis for your brand and take note on how people think about your brand. This analysis will be a way to measure your brand perception.

Read more to find out ways to monitor your brand's perception and how an ORM agency can help maintain your brand's image.

1) Google Alerts:

No one has the time to monitor the web continuously for mentions about your business. Therefore, leave it up to Google Alerts! It does the job for you. And if you aren't using Google Alerts already, today will be an excellent time to start!

How this works is, you tell Google what keywords to monitor - like your business's name, a specific product/service you sell, etc. Anytime these keywords are mentioned by someone on the web; Google will alert you about it through an email. And the best part, it takes mere seconds to sign up for such alerts.

Google Alerts are immensely handy in reaching out to the people actively. If someone mentions a query about your brand on social media, you can actively reply to them and create a positive brand perception. Also, if it's a negative review, you will have time in your hand to act on it. Sign up for Google Alerts today. Online reputation management services make the most out of Google Alerts!

2) Online Reviews:

Majority of today's audience trust what they read online about a company. People hit up the internet if they want to learn about a specific business, read reviews about them, and then make a judgement call. People trust these online reviews, and they'll purchase a product only after reading a trusted review. There are several sites where people can review your business. These websites are ripe with genuine reviews, and your potential audience might be reading them to evaluate your business.

We at ValueHits offer online reputation management services, which includes social listening to monitor your brand's review and mentions. We track your reviews diligently and even encourage happy and satisfied customers to share their evaluation.

3) Active Social Media Response:

Customer engagement has always been high when it comes to social networking channels. A significant chunk of the audience expects the company to offer customer service on social media channels. This expectation is due to the active presence of the brand on social media. Businesses that have a strong social media strategy can achieve impressive results. People are increasingly using social media to gauge the product they want to buy. Therefore, make sure you are responding to all comments, especially the negative ones actively and punctually to maintain a rapport between your business and the customers.

4) Survey Your Customers:

For measuring brand perception, customer surveys are one of the best tools! There are several tools available online that you can use to measure accurate reviews of your customers about your brand. A customer satisfaction review will target specific experiences like purchase, support, website friendliness, etc. Then there's a recommendation meter, where your customers can rate your business on how likely they will recommend your company to others. A product survey will help you understand your customer's satisfaction with the experience of the product. Likewise, there are several surveys which come in handy to accurately measure your brand's perception. ORM agencies make use of these tools, and so do we at Valuehits!


Brand perception is no longer a mystery. There several ways you can monitor your brand perception and make changes to your strategy accordingly to maintain a positive outlook. We at ValueHits can offer you the best online reputation management services that will help your brand maintain a positive perception with your customers. Call us or visit our website for more information.

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