This Is Why Your Business Needs SEO

SEO | March 24, 2020

Why is SEO so important? It certainly does improve a website’s overall searchability and visibility, but does it offer real value? Here are several reasons why your business should be implementing SEO to take their brand to the next level:

This Is Why Your Business Needs SEO


1) The primary source of website traffic is organic search:

Organic search plays a huge part in a business’s website performance. Google owns 75 per cent of the overall search market and has a clear-cut lead over its competitors. Therefore, following Google’s guidelines are important. Google is the world’s most visited website and is also the most popular email provider, and YouTube is the second biggest search engine. Majority of the people access Google at least once a day. Therefore, being highly visible on a platform like Google will work in the company’s favour. Quality SEO and excellent quality websites help increase its visibility on Google.

2) SEO helps build trust and credibility:

The goal of SEO is to establish a strong foundation for a high-quality website with a clean UX that makes it easy to be discoverable in search engines with thanks to the trust and credibility of the brand and its digital properties. Trust and credibility are accrued over time with elements like quality backlinks, positive user experience, optimised on-page elements, etc. Establishing authority will do more for the brand and its digital optimisations. But doing so requires patience, effort and commitment.

3) Offers better user experience:

Optimal user experience is the way to get better organic rankings and maximum visibility. Google interprets favourable and unfavourable user experience and ranks the business’s website accordingly. Customers know what they want, and if they can’t find it, your website’s performance will suffer. A clean UX will help your website rank higher and gain more organic traffic. Quality SEO incorporates positive UX.

4) SEO Services:

Focusing on professional seo services means an increase in engagement, traffic and conversions. The rise in mobile traffic has led to local searches becoming a fundamental part of a business’s success. Local SEO focuses on optimising your digital property for a specific vicinity. Therefore, people can find you easily and get them one step closer to a transaction. Focusing more on local SEO promotes more engagement and helps your brand get its message across to the audience much more easily.

5) SEO best practices:

Implementing SEO best practices on a brand’s website is a great tactic. Since the world is constantly evolving, you need to monitor Google’s requirement constantly to stay ahead of your competition and hopefully on page 1. Being proactive and constantly monitoring changes in Google’s algorithm will benefit the brand majorly. Google makes a lot of changes every year. Falling back on adapting these changes will make it extremely difficult in making a come back. SEO professionals will help avoid these issues.

You now know why SEO is essential for your business. It has a significant impact on your digital properties and optimising will only bring good for your business. Implementing quality SEO on a brand’s website and digital properties will only be beneficial for the brand and its marketing efforts. This is the new-age marketing technique which you should be implementing in your business right away. For excellent SEO implementation, you can consider us at ValueHits. Learn more about our services on our website.

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