Will Coronavirus Impact Search Marketing?

Content Writing | March 19, 2020

When it comes to coronavirus, human lives are the most crucial concern. Coronavirus has become a pandemic and its impact can be economic. While, the depth of corona’s impact is hard to predict, the indications are evident that shows a ripple effect considering how the things are going so far. Those trends are:

1) Shop from home:

The city of Wuhan, where the outbreak begun, has been eerily deserted. People do not risk going out and fear of coming in contact with the virus. As the outbreak worsens, people are shifting more towards making purchases through the internet, as they become more reluctant to leave their homes to shop. Getting their products/services delivered to their door step is a safer than heading out into the open and stand a chance to be infected with the virus.

2) Conference cancellations:

Many of the major conferences like Google’s Cloudnext and Rakuten advertising’s Dealbreaker event stands cancelled as of now. This is prevent the spread of the disease further. By avoiding gatherings of people at one place can help curb the spread of the virus. Most of the conferences are moving towards the internet side of things by streaming it online.

3) Effect on travel:

The travel industry is set to take a hit because of the effects of the coronavirus. Travel is an important affiliate niche in itself. But it also affects local based businesses in the restaurant and hospitality niches. Since countries are quarantining themselves, there will be a lack of flights and ships coming in or going out from the country. People won’t be able to fly out or in unless they are deemed fit for the flight.

4) Product shortages:

Since China has been the epicentre of coronavirus, all imports from the country has been banned. This has led to shortages of products originating from China. Most of the Chinese goods have been detained at ports to curb the spread of the virus. Less supplies will mean less inventory. The most vulnerable companies are those who are heavily or solely reliant on Chinese parts and materials.

5) professional seo services:

Most people believe SEO is all about ranking high on search engines. But getting your website to rank high on search engines isn’t the end of the story. Your website ranking high should also translate into sales. Ranking number one will mean nothing if there are no sales. With no products to sell even when there’s enough traffic flowing over to the traffic may have adverse effects on the business. In 2008, the recession caused sales to collapse across a wide range of industries. This highly affected search marketing because clients could no longer afford to pay for consulting.

It is better to stay prepared for such moments. Ad spends are expected to fall in many sectors, media buyers are sceptical on what to expect. Marketers and media buyers are reevaluating their near-term advertising strategies. Let’s hope we see an end to coronavirus soon. Wash your hands, stay indoors if sick and seek medical attention when required. Stay safe!

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