You Need To Customise SEO Plans For Your Business

SEO | September 9, 2019

Not all businesses are the same. Every company has its own shape, size and history. These organisations differ from company to company in terms of backgrounds, growth, size, industry, etc. And when it comes to Search engine Optimisation (SEO) for your social media platforms and company's website, it's different again! Even the services offered by different SEO consultants in Mumbai will be diverse. There's no one-size-fits-all approach in SEO, and if it did exist, it wouldn't be an effective way to market your company. This difference exists because not all companies are the same, and hence, the SEO strategies also differ.

You Need To Customise SEO Plans For Your Business


To ensure maximum optimisation of digital marketing trends, you need customised marketing solutions. Customised marketing has become the newest strategy in digital marketing as it plays a significant role in marketing optimisation. Tailored SEO plans allow your business an improved online presence and help you stand out against your competitors. Customised plans will enable you to augment your brand awareness uniquely, helping you gain strategic consumer insight and offer a great user experience.

Amongst altering plans or preparing new ones and integrating new strategies, utilise local SEO methods which can help in gaining immediate attention of customers in your close vicinity. Local SEO targets your local audience and help your business get traction from close proximity. With local SEO in place, potential consumers can find you ranked organically by distance, relevance and prominence.

Today's world is digital, every SEO Company in Mumbai with their digital marketing strategy will be aimed at making the business's presence felt. Unlike traditional marketing, where the results are instantaneous, SEO takes time. The presence of SEO is only felt in the long-term, and the difference is significant. The longer you invest in SEO, the higher will be the change visible of your organisation.

Your business must define the tactics for your SEO. To beat your competition, you need to execute proper research about your business - like comprehensive market research, competitor research, keyword research etc. Here's how you customise your SEO further:

1) Who is your competition?

Blindly starting an SEO campaign is a disaster waiting to happen. Neither should you be exactly copying what your competition is doing! Thorough market research will help reveal what your competitors are up to, what content is working for them, what are the numbers they are gaining, etc. Learning from this analysis will help you devise a strategy that will help you claim the number one spot amongst your competitors. The competition has been growing more robust and stringent. A practical example of adjusting your strategy would be, reaching out to your potential audience and seeing if we can assist by offering thought leadership content or resources.


2) Define your competition:

Gathering information about your competitors helps you build a purpose-focused SEO strategy. This in-depth knowledge of your competition creates an excellent base for your plan. Though your project should only be inspired by the analysis and not completely copied! Talk to your customers about the problems they face and experiment with the type of content and queries to solve them. Carefully examine what your competitor is doing with similar questions and improve on them by offering much better material. The content length, URL length, title length, keyword density, etc. - every aspect of your competitors need to be analysed, which can help tweak your strategy for a significant advantage.


3) Avoid common mistakes:

Poor quality content doesn't help reciprocate what your fantastic strategy has to offer. Do not make the mistake of uploading poor content as people won't be able to relate it with your business and thereby, you'll be losing your potential customers. Make sure the content you use is of top-notch quality.

Also, do not make the mistake of focusing on multiple platforms at once. Analyse your audience, check on which platform are they active the most. Question yourself - do you need more Google traffic from Adwords and SEO? The 'likes and comments' can easily distract you, and the engagement metrics can throw you askew. Analyse your platforms and make a call - which platforms are performing the best. Don't be afraid to cull underperforming platforms. You can reallocate the resources to the performing platforms for better results.


4) Adapt to Google's algorithm:

You need an SEO campaign that can constantly adapt to the changing SEO algorithm of Google's. Provide your audience with quality content. If the audience is searching for a restaurant nearby, provide with a call-to-action, booking availability and a mobile-friendly website - for starters. Quality does not just mean content; it can in the form that solves a customer's query quickly. Keep adjusting your SEO campaign that users and their needs are put first. Their needs should be satisfied in every corner. This change is the only way to stay ahead of constant algorithm improvements.


With that, it becomes evident that you need a customisable SEO plan. Customising the SEO plan has plenty of advantages to its side. With businesses booming, a need for a customisable SEO strategy is the need of the hour. And ValueHits is an SEO agency in Mumbai, who is experienced in designing and implementing customised SEO plans for various industries. Our team strive to curate plans that tailor-made for your business. If you'd like to know more about our SEO services, feel free to give us a call or visit our website.

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