YouTube SEO: How to Optimize your Channel in 5 Important Steps

Social Media Marketing | April 5, 2019

As 2019 gets going, a video on YouTube is still growing as a great way to make sure visibility online and is becoming an increasingly competitive medium. It offers web users with engaging and useful content.

YouTube SEO: How to Optimize your Channel in 5 Important Steps


YouTube’s list of users is always confidential. It certainly makes a difference between someone who posts regularly and has 100k+ followers, versus anyone who has ever once uploaded a video. Predicts, though, ranging from 50m to upwards of 150m.

Optimizing your YouTube channel, then, must not be an afterthought.

The one who is really succeeding on YouTube, do have great channels. They are the actual “YouTubers” who showcase their best videos, look good, and they connect with others in their niche. Also, they encourage better engagement and more views of the videos there. This is considered to be important when it comes to having your videos rank in YouTube’s (and Google’s) SERPs.

The following are five pointers for ensuring your YouTube channel is optimized:

1)Add channel art:

In the case of YouTube, channel art means the banner, which stretches around the top of the page in-between the title and the search bar of the channel.

Without even saying, this needs to be eye-catching and on-brand- plus being sized to the optimal 2560 x 1440 pixels- but it can be so much more. It can as well be a place to share relevant information regarding the channel, like what day of the week videos are uploaded.

2)Featured video or channel trailer?

Likewise, Youtube promotion services provides you the option to have a featured video, or for users who are not yet subscribed, Youtube offers an opportunity of a ‘channel trailer.’ A number of popular channels opt to place a video as they feel it could be a good example of the rest of their content. However, of course, by making a for-purpose trailer about your channel can make it feasible to have great success with getting users to subscribe on your channel.

Either way, be sure to make the use of the description box to the fullest by including around 100 words (or up to 500 characters) to signal to visitors and the Google/YouTube algorithm describing your channel, what it is all about.


As soon as you really start building up your YouTube content, playlists are such an option that is easily visible and certainly help make things more navigable.

It helps group together popular videos or those with similar themes. You will get to know about your content best once it comes to working out what videos work well together. There’s no hard and fast rule here.

Keep in mind, for an SEO person, those videos getting good traffic and engagement tend to rank better.

Therefore, make videos as easy to find by grouping and to link out to other similar videos/playlists in your channel from every video description, making things easier for viewers.

Do not simply depend on YouTube to get your content next-in-line after other similar videos.

4)Keep ‘About’ tab fit in your mind:

It is not the most visible page, however, Youtube does give an ‘About’ tab for you to add a description for your channel.

You have liberty here to be as wordy as you like. You can as well add business links and email to social media/website/etc.

Links within the body text aren’t clickable- but there is a designated link area at the foot of the page.

5)Link to other pertinent channels:

It is always best to think about it in terms of giving value to your subscribers/visitors by uploading the excellent content. Also, you can allow them to browse other great and relevant content by providing social media links, which makes it more accessible. Moreover, you can also link other’s related content to earn high value from the visitors for your Youtube channel. Doing so, you might just find other channels begin linking to you.

Some of the other YouTube ranking factors are view count, view density, likes, and comments. YouTube marketing services are quite liberal in what it permits you to do. If your video content is strong and well-optimized- you owe it to yourself to ensure the channel in which it resides shines too.

If you wish to get more information regarding this topic, you can visit ValueHits’ website, or can contact our digital marketing team.

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