Search Engine Marketing

Focus on the bull’s eye if you want to hit it!

In the web space, catching your share of web traffic is quite difficult. Search Engine Marketing is a step ahead of SEO, where SEO focuses on organic traffic, SEM focuses on paid traffic through advertising on search engines like Google Adwords, Bing etc. We are one of India’s leading Search Engine Marketing Agency known for our knack in paid advertising campaigns.

We know our target

No business can sell everything to everyone, even Google doesn’t do that. The pool of buyers online is unpredictable, unique, scattered and gross. Segmenting the market and identifying the target is our premier search engine marketing skill.

Brainy SEM

The objective of a business is like a bull’s eye on the dart, you only win when you hit it, but not anywhere else. The paid advertising activities should be aligned to this objective. Increasing web traffic is always important, but the web traffic turning up to a website must be rightly materialized. In PPC campaign, we plan beforehand the actions that we want visitors to take once they roll in the website.

Efforts are paid back

Businesses invest a huge amount of money in their PPC ads to promote their website. It is the most rightful and straight method as you get what you pay for. It is comparatively easy and shows instantaneous results.

PPC ad that attracts

Pay per click advertisements may also fail to work, if not planned rationally. Just placing a simple PPC advertisement doesn’t do much, we plan a PPC campaign around it. As one of the best SEM services in India, we structure the campaign, intended results, call to action, ad texts, and keywords for the advertisement. Thus, ensuring prospect’s natural inclination and urge to know more about it.

Fast and Easy

Search engine marketing activities reap immediate results and cut down competition significantly. Once the ad gets approved, it starts appearing instantly in search engine results page for the specified keyword.

We always carry a measuring tape

We believe in tracking progress, measuring results and taking corrective actions regularly. This helps us in planning a fail-safe future strategy.

Easy on pocket

Our array of services are fairly priced, we uphold client satisfaction and economic gains come naturally to us. We have successfully carried out SEM activities for eminent national and international clients. We believe our client testimonials and appreciation are our greatest reward.

Google Partner Agency

We are a Google partner SEM agency, hence we get prompt assistance from them. As we all know these are the top search engines that handle most of the online search traffic, a bit of favor from them means a lot.

Hire the best digital marketing agency in India and avail unmatched SEM services. To know more call us at +91 22 40500600 or mail us at


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