Facebook Marketing Services

Facebook Marketing Services

As we all know, Facebook is the unrivaled leader of the social media guild. Facebook advertising is a social media marketing tactic that involves leveraging the potential of Facebook through paid advertisements. Facebook is every digital marketer’s favorite advertising channel as it has a huge user base spread worldwide.

Share the social space

Facebook marketing services allow businesses to connect with prospects in their social environment during their social activities. It is a fact that if a friend, peer or relative likes a particular page it elicits a strong social recommendation and influences prospects.

Focused targeting

Campaigns are always optimized for reach; targeting the right people is inevitable to the campaign’s success. The best thing about Facebook is that it allows razor sharp targeted ads. We can target the audience based on age, location, gender, education, device, interest, and browsing history. Our Facebook advertising services help in micro-targeting through personalized messages, for this, we use data related to Facebook connections, shopping habits, liked pages, specific interests, date of birth, and family status of users.

Refine your content

Content is at the heart of all our Facebook activities, we keep it in line with your content strategy and objectives. We create advertisement texts with a clear call to action for a speedy response.

Track efficiency

Conversion measurement is the most important part of our social media campaign. We analyze the number of people (fans and non-fans) who saw a sponsored story or ad and headed to your page. It shows that how much are our paid efforts contributing to our results so that we can get more return on investment.

Bunch of services

Types of Facebook marketing that we offer include website click ads, video ads, boosted page posts, product ads, Facebook leads ad, page like ads, page post ads, app installation ad, offer ad and event promotion ads. We set an accurate ad frequency, it’s not good to bombard your audience. We use a standard mix of ads and news feed to drive engagement and enhance fan base.

Endless opportunities

Facebook advertising is gigantic, there are infinite ways in which you can take advantage of Facebook. You can use Facebook to generate traffic and leads, sell merchandise, page like and engagement, desktop and mobile app installation, promote events, local awareness, and announce offers and discounts.

We are a leading Facebook marketing company in India with many national and international projects. To take advantage of our well-versed Facebook advertising services get in touch with us. You can call +91 22 40500600 or mail sales@valuehits.com


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