10 Ways to Make Your Content Go Viral

Content Writing | November 14, 2019

The burning question always stays - how do you make the content go viral?


Viral content - it is a piece of media that becomes wildly popular within a short span of time. This media can be in the form of a YouTube video, a Facebook post, a tweet or any for social media content. This viral content can gather thousands of likes and shares real quick!

Viral content works on autopilot for you, as your brand faces a whole new audience that you could not never imaging reaching organically. Viral content is basically like winning a lottery. You might want to hire Content Writing services for your brand who may help you generate the necessary buzz. But how do they do it? Read on to find out:

1) Keeping it smart:
People share that kind of content that makes them look smart or witty. Such posts do well as users come out as bright on to their friends and followers. Therefore, curating content on such terms work well.

2) Short:
The majority of the content that goes viral is short. Videos that go viral are typically in the range of 30 seconds to one minute. For anything longer than a minute, you will need some spectacular content to keep the audience hooked. Also, in the case of blogs, keep it short. People have a short attention span, so make the most of it by using images, lists, etc.

3) Humanise:
Taking a human angle to your content will help relate to it better. Does the drink you had in the afternoon share the same traits as of your best friend? - that's the kind of connection people are looking for.

4) Genuine:
Most people feel videos or blogs are highly curated, overdone. People connect better when the content is authentic. E.g., a 'how-to' guide and videos of BTS scenes of a successful event can work well with the audience

5) Interactive:
Are you an expert in a subject and possess exceptional knowledge about it? People will love to hear about it, discuss and even share it! Interactive content like quizzes and polls work well.

6) Comments:
If your content is in the form of a blog, you need a comment section. This comment section will be your ticket for your content to go viral. Comments - good or controversial - reply to it! When there's a good community of people commenting on your blog, the chances of your blog going viral is high. Hire SEO Content Writing Services to increase your chance of going viral.

7) Lists and images:
A list-based blog has more chances of going viral when compared to a regular blog. If your list has creative photos, then your virality factor increases exponentially.

8) A fantastic headline:
The first impression is your last impression! Keeping that in mind, your title should be compelling enough to make people click on your post. With the amount of content available on the internet, your title should be catchy and quirky, enticing the audience.

9) No foolery:
When people are sharing your content online, they are putting their reputation on the line for your content. Therefore, make sure you aren't offending or alienating any group or speaking ill of any minority.

10) Appropriate:
This one's easy, but often overlooked. If you are posting content online, you need to make sure your grammar and formatting are in check, and your content is readable. It is easy to annoy people with one big, long paragraph. You can go viral for the wrong reasons if you make a significant grammatical error in your content! Therefore, make sure you have proofreading services before your content goes out.

Getting your content to go viral is not exactly rocket science, but need to follow the proper guidelines to get a chance to get into the viral billboard. You can have a better chance if you hire copywriting services. Consider hiring an agency like ValueHits, who's years of experience in handling social media can help your brand go viral with ease.

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