14 Different Google Ad Extensions and Their Uses

PPC | February 23, 2024

Everyone knows bids are the essential component of a PPC ad. However, setting a bigger ad budget will not benefit you in the long term. Google rewards ads websites that offer a good user experience.

14 Different Google Ad Extensions and Their Uses

The question remains: how can you ensure your ads are worthy of user attention? You can overcome this challenge with Google ad extensions. You must use the right extensions for your target audience that help improve the ad experience and boost click-through rates without spending an extra penny in your PPC budget.

Once we break down what you should expect from extensions, we'll talk about how to use the Google Ad extension today.

Importance of using ad extensions in a PPC Campaign

Google ad extensions are the crucial ingredient in building a PPC campaign recipe. They may be an add-on for servings of information to entice potential customers. The ad extensions not only work on expanding your visibility on search pages, which catches attention, but also provide essential details, such as location and relevant links. In addition, it helps improve your ads' rank and boosts quality scores, keeping you ahead of the competition. In short, ad extensions help you create compelling and informative ads that positively impact your PPC campaigns.

14 Hidden Gems of Google Ad Extensions

  1. Location Extensions

    The location extensions list your location by itself, which helps you find the area or the distance to it. These might include your contact number or a call button for mobile users.

    Location Extensions

    Source: searchenginejournal.com

    You can apply for this extension automatically; it is ideal for any business time. However, it depends on in-person transactions, such as restaurants, retail businesses, and other service providers, such as barbers or beauty salons.

    It has several benefits, mainly for online businesses; providing a physical address can boost your authenticity in customers' eyes.

  2. Product Extensions

    Link your Google Merchant Account to your Google Ads. The product extensions allow you to increase your product listing.

    By linking your Google Merchant account to Google Ads, product extensions allow you to enhance your product listing. Therefore, this is a good tool for any campaign selling goods associated with their target keywords.

    Product Extensions

    Source: searchenginejournal.com

    The reason is that products are more specific than any location or phone number; you would want your ad campaigns to be more particular when selling a wide range of products.

  3. Sitelink Extensions

    This tool helps navigate users to other pages on your website. The site link extensions allow the target audience to select where the customers would like to go rather than directly visiting your landing page.

    This makes it easier for users to find what they are looking for; this can boost your CTR

    Sitelink Extensions

    Source: searchenginejournal.com

    Contact Us pages, pricing pages, sales pages, and testimonials are often used or included with site links.

    Numerous e-commerce websites have used this tool to navigate customers to different category pages.

    These extensions can be added manually or automatically.

  4. Seller Rating Extensions

    With this extension, you can showcase your business reputation by showing your selling ratings. This helps to build trust in customers. Google works to collect ratings from reputable websites and rates your business based on those data on a scale of five stars.

    So, this extension will display the overall rating of your website and total number of reviews. Besides, qualifiers are also included to describe your ratings, such as "fast delivery."

    Seller Rating Extensions

    Source: searchenginejournal.com

    For example, automated extensions typically only appear if you have minimum unique reviews and an average rating of 3.5 stars or more.

  5. Call-out Extensions

    This is a very versatile extension with different uses. Call-out extensions are 25-character snippets highlighting important sales or key points for your business, service, or products.

    Call-out Extensions

    Source: searchenginejournal.com

    For instance, call-out extensions are perfect for these situations if you are willing to promote a 25% off sale or any other special offer.

    You are allowed six of such extensions as per your campaign, which must be applied to your entire campaign of advertisement. The best call-out extensions use numbers and specifics.

    Also, if your website uses information such as "online reservations," these descriptions can be automatically added as a call-out.

  6. Structured Snippets Extensions

    Structured snippets feature specific products and services that users might be searching for.

    These extensions are responsible for a massive 35.1% of all clicks. They tell users about your products and services, who you are, and what you are, further offering enhanced quality clicks.

    These extensions are responsible for a massive 35.1% of all clicks. They tell users about your products and services, who you are, and what you are, further offering enhanced quality clicks.

    Similar to site links, you can select these manually, or Google can automatically apply them.

  7. Call Extensions

    With these extensions, the customers or users can call you directly from your ad. They have CTAs such as "click-to-call" for mobile users. Later, these conversions are tracked, which allows you to check the value of your ads by the total number of phone calls the ads have generated.

    Call Extensions

    Source: searchenginejournal.com

  8. Affiliate Location Extensions

    Such extensions are helpful for companies that sell their products via third-party retailers. Affiliate location extensions help users locate nearby stores that sell their items, helping them decide what to buy from the store of their choice.

    These are commonly used by manufacturers working with major retail chains, as they do not specify your business's location.

  9. Price Extensions

    We all know price is crucial when buying. Therefore, price extensions help you set cost expectations. This works to maintain transparency and build trust amongst users.

    Customers are more informed about your business and have a greater chance of purchasing your product.

    Price Extensions

    Source: searchenginejournal.com

    These extensions are helpful for businesses with changing pricing or multiple products.

  10. App Extensions

    Nowadays, several businesses have mobile apps, from pizza outlets to real estate, be it anything. By offering a download link in your ad's text, app extensions make it easy for potential customers to get your app link. It also helps you to track your downloads.

    App Extensions

    Source: searchenginejournal.com

    App extensions appear to mobile users and direct users to your app.

  11. Promotion Extensions

    You can gain more clicks from searchers for the best deals with promotion extensions.

    They are used to highlight sales and promotions; usually they appear below your ad and showcase your deal in bold.

    One can also display up to two lines about additional information on your business.

    Promotion Extensions

    Source: searchenginejournal.com

    A great feature is that Google is flexible on how you can use these extensions. You can show specific dates of your promotions. You can include time or hours.

  12. Lead Form Extensions (New)

    This is a new Google extension; it eliminates the task of users filling out a form on your landing page; instead, it allows them to share their contact information directly on the SERP.

    Lead Form Extensions (New)

    Source: searchenginejournal.com

    For Users with a Google account, the relevant information can be pre-filled and submitted with just one click.

    It also helps to drive high-quality leads and reduces your sales cycle.

  13. Video Extensions

    It helps show action below your video ad on the YouTube mobile app. You get offered an excellent opportunity to expand your message and work to engage your viewers.

    Video Extensions

    Source: searchenginejournal.com

  14. Image Extensions

  15. Image extensions will let you use apt visuals to complement your ad text.
  16. However, not every advertiser can use this extension; they must fulfill specific requirements, such as running active campaigns.

Benefits of Using Ad Extensions in Google Ads

  1. Additional Information

    Ad extensions provide you with other information you may miss out on in your online ad. Also, with Google Ad extensions, your

    Ad extensions let you offer other information you might miss mentioning in your ad messaging. They also help to segregate the information. For example, you can show user reviews, call extensions to generate calls for your business, etc.

  2. Impacts your ad rank

    Google ad extension is like a secret weapon for your PPC ad campaigns. They influence your ad performance against lower bids. Also, a relevant extension makes your ad stand out and boosts your click score. It grabs attention and pushes your ads higher on SERPs.

  3. Make your ad more genuine.

    Providing specific details in your ad, such as your contact number or location in your ad copy, helps build trust in users; they know your business is authentic. Providing such details does not make you look less suspicious.

  4. Improves CTR.

    Once your ad displays all relevant information, it will likely get higher clicks.

    Ad with more information has a higher chance of getting clicked. Grabbing more attention makes your ad stand out and very different from others. Users get to see quickly whether you match their search queries or not.


That’s a wrap! Now, you have unlocked the secrets of Google ad extensions– more info, more space, more attention-grabbing potential. However, this superhero tool needs a lot of fine-tuning. Numerous experiments and tests to attract potential customers to your digital doorsteps.

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  1. What are Google ad extensions?

    The ad extensions in Google are nothing but added information or some features to your Google Ads to provide more depth to your ads and encourage user interaction. They appear beside your ad, making it more informative and relevant for users.

  2. How many types of Google ad extensions are there?

    There are numerous kinds of extensions, each with a specific purpose. Widespread Google ad extension examples are site link extensions, callout extensions, structured snippet extensions, call extensions, and location extensions.

  3. What is the purpose of site link extensions?

    Site link extensions help you add additional links to specific web pages on your site. It allows users to navigate to the relevant content, improving the overall user experience and conversions.

  4. What are callout extensions used for?

    Callout extensions offer advertisers a chance to feature the additional benefits of your services. The short phrases that are displayed below your ad's text.

  5. How do structured snippet extensions enhance ads?

    Structured snippet extensions allow advertisers to display particular categories related to their services. It also helps to give added information in a structured format, offering users better insights about your brand or business.

  6. What is the purpose of call extensions?

    Call extensions work to add your contact details or phone number in the ad. It allows your users to call you directly for inquiries.

  7. How do location extensions benefit advertisers?

    It's similar to a contract extension, but instead of a phone number, location extensions display the physical address of your business with your ad. This is extremely helpful for businesses having physical stores.

  8. Can I use more than one ad extension in a single ad?

    Yes, you can. Google ads will allow you to combine different Google ad extensions based on your campaign goals.

  9. Are there any limitations to using ad extensions?

    Google ad extensions are great tools to boost your online visibility; however, one needs to remember to follow all the Google Ads policies. Also, some extensions may need some specific eligibility criteria.

  10. How can I measure the effectiveness of ad extensions?

    On Google Ads, you have an option for performance metrics for every extension, such as CTR, conversion rate, and impressions. Analyzing these metrics can help you calculate the impact of your ad extensions and optimize your PPC campaigns for improved results.

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