How to Improve Your Instagram Story Engagement?

Best organic Instagram growth service | 29 March 2019 Reading Time: 3 minutes

Instagram stories have become increasingly popular. Therefore some brands are tweaking their digital marketing strategies to include stories. When done right, your Instagram stories can raise your brand’s reach and generate a high engagement rate. They can enhance your visibility and assist you to connect with a relevant audience that’s not already following you.

Thus, it seems that Instagram marketing services will dominate 2019 with a rising number of brands using them to engage their audiences. In this blog, our ValueHits’ team wish to show you a few tricks and tips on how you can see the native features in Instagram Stories to show people something they haven’t seen before.

1) Panoramic:

One of the most liked innovative techniques is using a panoramic feature.
How to use it- Take a panoramic picture on your phone. Once you have taken your panoramic photo, break it up into multiple slices. When complete you must have about 7-8 individual photos to upload. Post them in order of left to right in a series of the image clicked. Encourage people to tap on both the sides (left and right) of the screen to get unique IG stories experience. It can really make you feel like “you are present there.”

2) Split Screen Voting:

Instagram’s polls feature is generally abused interactive features. The one is very familiar… “SHOULD I EAT THIS PIZZA” “YES OR DOUBLE YES”.
But, when the feature is used appropriately, it can create an immersive interactive story experience. You can ensure your polls are a success by designing your stories around the feature rather than the other way around. When making a poll, you must design the picture or video as a split screen with some content on it, giving clear choices for what people to vote on. Besides, try to stay away from “Yes or No” polls and opt to give people options between two activities or outcomes.

3) Use Color Matching:

Unlike Snapchat, when you are drawing on Instagram, you are given the ability to match colors with an eyedropper tool. This neat little tool can assist you to touch up images, match your font to colors already in your image. If you have got skills like Matt Fogarty, you can make mind-blowing optical illusions through a single draw tool, which guarantees to get people tapping back to watch again.

4) Question sticker:

The Instagram question sticker is another innovative way to have a back-and-forth conversation or get direct feedback from your audience. You can ask your audience targeted questions to help you get to know them better or create better content they desire. This tactic usually helps to find out what your followers actually expect from you. Also, the audience finds it a safe way because all of the responses come to you privately. The question stickers are also useful to drive community engagement around your content.

5) Emoji slider

The emoji slider was launched a little while ago to increase interactions and engagements and can be used for fun. A number of people find creative ways to display the slider on a photo or a video, and even add other components to the context of the slide, allowing for meaningful interactions and even audience insights.

Wrapping up:

Instagram marketing expert have been magnificent when it comes to adding new features. The smart content creators and social media managers keep an eye out for those new tools as well as find out a way to use them before anybody else does. The above mentioned few tricks, tips, and techniques can help you see native features in Instagram Stories, as being the first to do something is great in the world of social media, being the most creative is better.

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