Common Spelling Mistakes And Grammatical Errors Made By Bloggers on Social networks

content writing | 6 May 2013 Reading Time: 2 minutes

There are an innumerable number of blogs on the Internet with an exorbitant increase in the number of bloggers. The same applies to social media. However, with a rise in the number of blogs or the updates on twitter and facebook people are not paying enough attention to spellings, presentation skills, and grammatical errors. All of this fails to set an impression on the reader. It also makes him doubt the reliability of the content written. Thus, it sets the wrong image of the individual writing for the company he/she represents. People tend to use ‘there’ ‘they’re’ & their’ interchangeably. The same applies for “its” and “it’s”. Common errors made by many include, “Your” and “You’re”. The worst part about such mistakes is that even if you run a spell check, the computer will not recognize it. It is totally dependent on the writers skills.

Apart from the errors in terms of spelling and grammar, I also come across blogs or updates on social networking sites which are very poorly presented or conveyed. You can have a great story or a very interesting fact to convey, but if it is expressed in a distorted or jumbled manner, trust me no one is going to read it. Inserting extra long sentences or using difficult to understand words makes it tough for the reader to understand. Thus, at the end of the day he is going to get tired and leave it unread. Your blog or post should be so simple, that it can be read easily by even 15 year olds. Instead of elongating a simple thing, come straight to the point by conveying what you have to convey.

People read blogs and articles online with a view of knowing something new about a particular topic. If your blogs or posts contain errors or poor presentation skills, it portrays the wrong image about that particular topic. Whatever you post online is going to be read by millions. It is therefore your responsibility to give the readers easy to understand and readable content which is presented in a subtle and straight way.

One should make significant efforts to avoid such mistakes. One should make efforts in checking the whole content thoroughly for any errors. Also, try avoiding long sentences. Make the content understandable and to the point. All of this, keeps the readers interest high throughout the content and thus, sets a positive impression.

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