Does LinkedIn Marketing Work for Business Growth

Social Media Marketing | December 20, 2019

With 500+ million users on LinkedIn, everything about this social media platform is about building connections and networks. It's not just about who you know and with you are familiar with, it's about who your connections know. That's the power of LinkedIn Marketing Services - tapping into the existing connections and growing your brand through the platform. LinkedIn is one of the top-rated social media networking platforms for lead generation. So, tap into LinkedIn's potential wealth with social media marketing services.

Does LinkedIn Marketing Work for Business Growth


To get started with LinkedIn, you need to start with your company's LinkedIn page. This is where you will be sharing your company's insights, learn about your competitors and build connections. So, how does everything fall in place for a business with LinkedIn marketing? Keep reading to find out:

1) Encourage employees to create a connection with your company's LinkedIn page. The best resource to start growing your audience is by inviting your colleagues and employees to connect with your LinkedIn page. According to LinkedIn, an employee has 10x more connections than a company has followers. Companies with strong programs in place can attract top talent. Employees are the most resourceful assets of a company and adding them as followers let the company tap into their followers and expand your reach. Encourage your employees to add their position in the company on their LinkedIn profiles too.

2) Practise publishing valuable content. Posting articles and company updates on a regular basis provides the best base for your audience to grow with the valuable content dealt through your LinkedIn page. Publishing one piece of content per weekday is recommended to keep the audience intrigued. Publishing posts on your company's page also come up on your follower's newsfeed too. You should also practice sharing content from blog posts and articles from external sources which you think would benefit your audience. This shows that you are active in your industry, and will also foster new connections by you becoming a thought leader. Hire Social Media Marketing Services which can help you curate the best content!

3) You should also include rich media. Though LinkedIn is a business-first platform, you still need to make sure your content stands out from the crowd. Posting only textual content won't make the cut. According to LinkedIn, including an image with your post increases the chance of comments by 98%. If you have a youtube channel, you can publish them on your page, as LinkedIn supports autoplay of videos from Youtube and help generate a higher share rate.

4) Make the most of LinkedIn groups. Stay active within the LinkedIn groups that will help you to maximise your network with other professionals and businesses in your field. Participating in groups will help you attract new views on your company page. Use the search feature to find the group that you think will reciprocate with your company the most. You also have the ability to create your own group based on whatever industry you like.

5) Go global with tools that help you with multiple languages. If you wish for customers from different countries or if you are already serving an international audience with a different dialect, you can make use of custom descriptions where you can describe your company in 20 different languages. The appropriate description will be displayed to your audience as per their language setting, therefore, helping you expand your reach internationally and to a broader audience. You can also publish your content in multiple languages so that your global followers can stay connected with your company.

LinkedIn is a professional network, but opportunities do not stop there. With a proper strategy devised through social media marketing services from agencies like us at ValueHits, you can make the most out of LinkedIn. With a dedicated team ready with strategies, your business will be flourishing and connecting more through LinkedIn in no time. To know more, feel free to give us a call or browse through our website to learn more about our services.

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