Four Things to Remember for Good SEO Content

content writing | 14 September 2013 Reading Time: 2 minutes

You have created some exclusive content for natural link-building, but what if you want to give your content some extra boost?

Four easy ways to promote content.

1. Reach the right audience

It is obvious that the more engaging and interesting your content is, the more links you will receive. However, think about what your audience likes. You may want attention-grabbing content all the time, but does your audience like it? Create content that will interest the widest audience within your target market. The broader the interest, the more links you can create, especially if your content’s relevant to your website.

TeamSport Go Karting wanted to publish an infographic on its site. Karting is interesting and will generate links, but it will not get as big as F1. As karting is connected to F1, creating an F1 infographic would result in a better opportunity to target a good volume of quality websites. This might get you to a link on a big site like Mashable and BBC. Instead, why not research their content and what they publish and tailor your content specifically to them. This might be risky but can work well if done properly.

2. Publish at the right place

The best way to start is to publish your content in the right place. Getting people who are already visiting and engaging with your website to share your content is one of the easiest opportunities. You can start by publishing on your blog, via an existing page the SEO performance of which you want to improve and Via a new page. Do not forget to include the embed code with an appropriate call to action. When you set it up correctly with a hyperlink citing your site as the source, you also ensure you receive a link back to your site.

3. Love social media

Social media is a must for actively promoting your content. Make sure you post and promote through all networks, such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn. Engaging people is the key so try to open up a conversation or debate relating to your content. The topic should be relevant to the community.

4. Connect with influencer

Influencers are the people who have lots of followers and friends in your subject area. Get in touch with these brilliant minds and if they agree to share your content you will be able to reach a much wider net of people. Influencer outreach does not have to be aimed just at the social gurus. Think out of the social arena and spend a bit of time researching your community. Getting directly involved in your community is also a great way of identifying new content opportunities.

So, once you have identified your targets and investigated who’s who in terms of the editorial staff and fire off a quick, informal email, sending your fancy new content. The informal/formal nature of your email will depends on whom you are contacting and what content writing strategy you are promoting.

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