Hone your Social Media Skills with Hootsuite, Google Analytics

Hone your Social Media Skills with Hootsuite, Google Analytics

Social Media Marketing | May 5, 2015

Being a social media marketing expert for businesses, you will realize that engaging with crowd matters the most. Big brands have been using this channel to create customer loyalty and for a sales opportunity. For businesses, social media is not just about posting images, text and videos rather it an outlet to generate sales and getting new customers. It's basically a collective effort between content creators, social media professionals and obviously your followers that inevitably marks the beginning of a successful campaign. Now when it comes to marketing for a particular brand, you cannot just focus your marketing skills on one social media account. With so many social media sites present on the web, it is certainly tough to manage all accounts individually; hence sites like Hootsuite and Google Analytics exists to make your strenuous job easy.


This is a social media management tool which helps you to manage various accounts including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, among many others concerned with your marketing campaign for a particular brand. It is available in three versions – Free, Pro and Enterprise. The free version is limited to just three social media accounts. It is a more than just social media monitoring tool as it lets you schedule posts through its automatic posting feature, only available for Pro plan users or higher. For businesses, it is an essential tool which do not have time to engage with followers daily. With Auto-scheduling, you can choose the days, allows to set limits on the number of posts and the best time suitable to upload your post on a site. This algorithm schedules the messages based on above methods, which keeps on repeating the specified days until you turn off the feature. Hootsuite has a user-friendly interface where you can create different tabs for different accounts.

While running a social media campaign, it is quite evident that businesses expect maximum return on investment. Hootguide – integration of Google Analytics with Hootsuite that helps out with your social media investments. With this guide, you can get an overall understanding of social reporting, evaluate your social engagement and know about statistics related to your campaign. In addition, with the integration of Google Analytics and Hootsuite, you can keep a track on goal setting and know you conversions.

Google Analytics:

If you haven't been considering investing in HootSuite tool, then Google Analytics is anytime better. Measure your ROI with Analytics, which enables you to know where the traffic to your website is coming from and how effective are your social media activities. A successful social media campaign is not about how many visits or page views your web page gets it is about how many product/newsletter sign-ups/you have acquired, knowing your conversion values and how many leads you have generated. To understand the impact your social media campaign, you can take advantage of the social media reports that let you keep a track of everything right from conversion value to users visiting your site.

A social media marketing is vast marketing channel that lets you explore your marketing abilities. Set your goals, create a social media plan and make use of smart tools to improve you campaign.

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