How to Improve Your Website Authority?

Website Authority | 13 April 2020 How to Improve Your Website Authority? Reading Time: 2 minutes

The credibility of your website is much dependent on your Domain Authority (DA). This metric was developed by Moz and one of the essential factors in SEO. The better your DA, the more it will be your chance to rank better on SERPs and gain heavy traffic. You can work on improving your DA by putting in constant efforts into your SEO strategies and investing in the Best SEO company. Here are five practical steps that you can put into your strategy to improve your DA:

1. Quality technical SEO:

You need to pay close attention to all the technical aspects of SEO when it comes to creating a successful SEO strategy. Technical SEO is at the core for improving DA. For effective SEO, you will need to optimize your Robot.txt and map out a URL structure. This may sound difficult, but it is crucial for your SEO. Site structure, site navigation, URL structure, Meta tags, keywords, alt texts, etc. everything requires content marketing as well as SEO. Gaining a higher DA depends on your technical SEO. For technical assistance, consider hiring an SEO service.

2. Quality content for linking:

Content provides several opportunities to generate quality links for your website. Linkable content has a significant impact on the DA of a site. For example, Cox TV has its package deals information available on all the major platforms, which makes it a credible website. In addition to this, the company is providing linkable content to the relevant websites which are increasing its visibility and exposure and are helping readers with their queries. This helps them boost their visibility by a significant margin and improve their DA.

3. Internal linking:

If you are looking to gain yourself some high DA, then you should be looking towards the internal linking of your website. This is one section of SEO that is often overlooked, and it can impact your DA directly. A robust network is created using internal linking, which allows crawlers to crawl and index your website. A site without internal linking will be scattered, making it difficult to crawl. Internal linking creates a secure network that stands resolute with each other.

4. Eliminate bad backlinks:

Make it a habit to eliminate harmful or broken backlinks. This will help you maintain a healthy backlink profile and get you quality links that contribute towards a healthy website. Regularly check your backlink profile. Identify those backlinks which are poisoning our backlink profile and eliminate them as soon as possible. Auditing your backlinks is vital for your DA.

5. Be patient:

In the world of SEO, it is important for you to stay patient. Your DA will get a boost if you are following the steps mentioned above, but it requires you to be patient. The domain age of your website also affects your DA. The older the domain, the better the domain authority. There are several tools available online to find out the age of your domain. Domain age does not directly affect the DA, but outdated content, cruddy backlink profile and using malicious SEO techniques will cause you to lose your DA.


Stay patient, follow the tips above and watch your DA rise. These are the core tactics that have a direct impact on the DA and helps boost it gradually and effectively. SEO Services from ValueHits can help you find a higher DA for your website. Give us a call, and we will be happy to help you out.

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