How to Write for SEO?

By Admin | content writing | 28 March 2018

Writing in general and writing for SEO are two completely different things. Your content has to be more commercially inclined and promotional in SEO. It should have the potential to drive website traffic and ultimately lead to sales.

To write a content that performs convincingly on the Search engine, you should follow a few content writing rules. For your ease we have shared these magical rules below, have a look:

1st Rule: Do not over-focus on yourself

It is great that you run an awesome business and you love it. You take pride in sharing the same with the world, but boasting is not the way SEO works.

You may be good or even best in your industry, but there is always a way of saying and showing it to the customers.

For example:

Instead of saying it like this:
“We received an A+ Quality certificate.”

Say it like this:
“Your loved brand always assures quality, we have an A+ Quality certificate now.”

The first sentence does not attempt to create a connection with its audience whereas the second one is beautifully framed by keeping the audience at the core of it. A heart to heart connection with the target audience can help your brand in evolving as a winner against cut-throat competition.

2nd Rule: Bind your Keywords rightly

Make judicious and mindful use of keywords. Avoid dumping keywords into your content blindly for no reason. Do not kill the quality of your content for the sake of putting keywords, whatever be the topic, always maintain a meaningful flow of content. Google may not penalize you, but it is smart enough to identify the forced use of keywords.

Purchase daily need products like vegetables, fruits and chocolate cake at Royal Supermarket.

Get superior quality chocolate cake on prior order from Royal Supermarket.

Your potential keywords can work very well for you if used rightly. Do not push-on using every form of target keywords somewhere in your content. Otherwise, you will have a non-attractive content that is neither good for search engines nor prospects.

3rd Rule: Keep the reader engaged

If visitor stay on the web page for a long time they are most likely to take the next step i.e. respond to your call to action.

Your content should engage them in reading; it is always good to use appropriate heading, subheadings and bullet points to elaborate a broad topic. Guide them from the first sentence to the last sentence, not like a seller but like someone who shares valuable information, so that, the prospects can decide for themselves whether they want it or not.

4th Rule: Tuck supplemental content

Each section of your website has something for your prospects be it product/service pages, landing page, contact page or blog section. Once they are in, grab a tight hold of them. Plan a content strategy to take them across other related content one after the other. To allow users to explore the entire website, provide supplemental content like links to other pages on the site, downloadable content or other blogs.

Right supplemental content is always relevant to the page content, supports it and offers value addition. Users rely on supplemental content to move to the next product or blog across a website. Remember, no piece of content on a website is ever a standalone content, in some way or the other it is always related to other parts of the website.

Writing for search engines is tricky. We hope that our SEO content writing rules will help you in preparing a flawless SEO content. ValueHits content experts know how to knit a content that lures search engines and users equally, so that you get page ranking, traffic and conversion. To know more about our services, feel free to contact us.

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