Mistakes in PPC Services that can Hurt Your Business

paid advertising | 6 January 2015 Reading Time: 3 minutes

Running successful PPC ad campaigns is not easy as you have to take into account many factors. Ads are the representatives of your company and they provide message to audiences which you aim to attract. Pay-per-click is actively used by more than 200,000 advertisers as it is the best deal available that makes it the most widespread form of interactive marketing. PPC is relatively straightforward and cost effective as compared to other platforms like search engine optimization, email marketing, social media marketing etc! A successful PCC ads is usually characterized by eye catching summaries, wisely chosen keywords paired with a compelling landing page. But it is not always that a campaign can gain traction as sometimes it can even result in poor ads which can damage your click-through rate. To determine PPC results, Google uses an algorithm called ‘Ad Rank’ to determine campaign’s Quality Score and your cost per click bid price. Ads which perform poorly appear lower down the page attract less traffic. If your ad is performing poorly it means that you have neglected certain factors:

Irrelevant Ads:

Many times PPC ads fail due to publishing of ads which are not relevant. It is important to ensure that landing pages are relevant and the chosen keywords should be of top priority. Publishing relevant ads help you to get high quality score, which means you are at advantage to pay less for every click.

Negative/Generic Keywords:

Most Adwords accounts include poorly targeted keywords. Often different keywords are grouped together in one ad group, which makes it impossible to make ads relevant. Using too generic keywords has no positive effect on people. Ads which use very sparse negative keywords don’t get much clicks as the main aim of such keywords is to filter out unwanted clicks. One PPC mistake that you should rule out should be using too many key-phrases in just one ad.

Avoiding Testing Daily:

It is often witnessed that PPC experts fail to keep a regular check on ad campaigns. A successful PPC campaign in one wherein Google Analytics are tested and site traffic for PPC keywords is monitored on a daily basis. In addition, the most common mistake in majority of PPC campaigns is not linking AdWords and Google Analytics. Once adwords and Analytics are linked you get additional information about your market. Lack of testing also happen in case of descriptions, display URLs, and calls to action.

Call to Action Often Missing:

In many PPC campaigns, call-to-action is missing and even if it is included it features inappropriate language. In fact, call to action is crucial as it helps to boost click-through rates and to drive user engagement. “View more”, “Browse now” and “Buy now” are some of the call to action methods which encourage users to make purchase.

No Tracking on Conversions:

When you start running a PPC ad campaign, how often do you keep a track on conversions? If you are not keeping a regular check on tracking code/ analytics you are at disadvantage as the ad indicates the failure to meet PPC goals. This is equivalent to setting a pile of money on fire. A failed PPC campaign usually does not have goal, which in turn leads to zero conversions.

Not Using Proper Landing Pages:

Another Pay Per Click mistake that could be downfall for your business is using vague landing pages. Lading pages are integral part of any paid search. It is generally noticed that ad campaigns feature website homepage as landing page which is wrong. A landing page helps to drive more leads, gets you high conversion rate and lowers the cost of clicks. No customer would like to run through pages after pages to find what they’re looking for. It is crucial to add relevant landing page so that a customer would be happy to make a purchase then and there. It should basically match with your campaign’s objective.

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