SEO For Law Firms, Lawyers & Attorneys

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It doesn’t take a law degree to conclude that the legal SEO game is quite competitive. Firms all over the place are duking it out on search engines to get the best results on SERPs so that they can attract more clients. At such times, you will need assistance from people who are experts in this field, and therefore, it will be the right decision to hire ValueHits – an SEO company in Mumbai with years of expertise.

SEO For Law Firms, Lawyers & Attorneys


Here, we will learn about the best practices that will help law firms get more clients and achieve glowing reviews:

1) Law Firm SEO vs General SEO:

Few things make a law firm SEO differ from a general SEO. For one, law firm SEO focuses on the local effort. A legal firm might get more inquiries from potential clients who live in close proximity. Optimising for local SEO would be favorable for law firms as people who might actually use your services will be able to reach you better.

Then there’s the matter of keywords. There’s a huge opportunity waiting to be capitalised on niche keywords. Also, law firms can build a reputation for themselves by creating content that’d answer questions and educate the audience.

2) Local SEO focus:

Local SEO optimises your website in a way that people find it when they’re searching for a law firm nearby. Unless you’re a well-respected national or international law firm, the chances of you been listed on top are slim. Therefore, it is always better to begin your SEO efforts with local SEO. To optimise your law firm locally, you will need to:

(i) Review your GMB page:

Google My Business page will be the place for your audience to find all the relevant information related to your business. Correctly categorise your law firm on the GMB, which will increase your site rank. A well-defined description will also help Google to put up your website up on top, whenever the user searches with the relevant keywords.

(ii) Add a map:

Adding a Google map to your about us or contact us page will further reinforce your appearance in the result pages. Getting the hang of where your law firm is located will help users better understand your presence in the locality.

If you’re a business in Mumbai, consider hiring an SEO company in Mumbai itself we will be able to guide you personally with the SEO strategies

3) The SEO-based Title:

Google judges a website by its title! That’s why your title should explain a lot about your firm in just a few words. When writing a title, you should be:

  • very clear about your page rank
  • have your home, category, service, and blog pages optimised
  • accounting for your multi-location presence

Once done with the title, you can go ahead with a healthy description. Keep the description crisp and to-the-point, which makes it easy for the audience to understand easily.

4) Reviews:

Any positive review is beneficial for a business. But when people are searching for legal assistance, the stakes are higher, compared to other industries like restaurants or clothing company. Google uses these reviews to rank the website; therefore, you need plenty of them!

Ask your satisfied clients to leave them a review on Google or other platforms like Facebook or Yelp. Make sure the articles and blogs you post have space for comments, where your clients can leave feedback.

5) Google’s latest changes in SEO:

Content marketing has always been one of the best ways to demonstrate your expertise in front of your potential audience. This content fulfilled the answers to burning legal questions of the users. For years, businesses used this content to flood the SERPs by regularly posting blogs and posts stuffed with keywords. But recently, Google’s latest algorithm focuses on the relevance of the material and its usefulness. Therefore, the content you will be pumping out need to be productive and of high-quality. Put your legal knowledge to good use here by posting articles and blogs which are straight-to-the-point with no click bait. This cleanliness will improve your business gain recognition, which will lead to an increase in traffic and a better reputation. Ask for the assistance of SEO companies who can guide you better with Google’s changing guidelines.


Law firms have to fight it out in the courthouse and even on Google’s play field called Search engine optimisation. Legal fights might be your play area, and you might need assistance from SEO companies when it comes to high rankings. SEO for law firms primarily falls into the realm of Local SEO. Therefore head over to ValueHits – one of the best SEO companies in Mumbai, who can provide you with excellent SEO strategies. These strategies will help attract more business for your law firm and make a name for your company amongst the competition.

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