Tips on How to Run A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Email Marketing | February 2, 2015

As a customer, our mailbox usually receives an email newsletter or an invitation. This technique is used by companies to target prospective customers through internet and it is known as email marketing that firms use to target customers directly to help build leads and increase sales. As a business-oriented company, how many times have you sent an email with a commercial message and it has not got the required response? Maybe, you need to get email marketing correct. It's time to get reach to the masses and let your email do the talking. Several may consider this technique to be less useful but it is still alive and the most profitable way to turn prospective leads into paid customers. According to a study by Mailjet, American firms are using email marketing strategies more effectively.

Tips on How to Run A Successful Email Marketing Campaign


If you're an expert in Email marketing, you may very well know that personalization is important. However, above all, having a clean list of people on your contact list should also be given the same weight-age. How often do you clean contact list? Ideally, this should be a regular task as this helps you to add more customers and improves the list of target audience. Sending messages frequently to customers results in spa-ming. In fact, the View from the Inbox study shows that 73% of users who unsubscribe from an email list report “too many emails” as their primary reason to cancel the subscription! There's a false notion that “if I send more emails, i will get more click through and more sales.” So the point is how often you should send email marketing messages to customers? To be precise, there is no exact timing to send messages. It is all about balancing the frequency of every e-mail message with the needs and expectations of your audience. To ensure that you're on right path in implementing email marketing techniques, below are some of the tips which will help you create a successful email newsletter campaign.

Mobile Friendly Emails:

Today, mobile devices have become a pervasive method for reading emails. A study suggests around 65% of emails are opened on mobile phones. This number is set grow even further with the rise in use of smartphones. You need to incorporate responsive design emails. Font and its size also matters in compelling a user to open the mail.

Incorporate Blog posts, videos or images:

Make efforts on incorporating blog posts, videos and images in your emails. For example, on social media you have posted any videos or images which has received maximum likes, you can use them in email. It's not necessary that you need to include an entire post, just include a teaser and the rest you can link to the main page.

Measure results:

This forms the most essential part to keep a track on how your campaign is performing. To measure results, you can keep an eye on conversion rate, bounce rate, open rate and unsubscribe rate. Open rate is one of the best practice for measuring the effectiveness of your campaign. The average open rate varies from industry to industry. It lets you know how many people have opened and read your newsletter.

Increase engagement:

Take into account small things that could help you to improve your marketing efforts in days, weeks and months ahead. Try to enhance the list of target audience so that your business would get more exposure and it could mean more customers walking through the door. Ask for permission of customers before you send them an email newsletter. Craft an attractive subject line that draws reader's attention and compels them to open the mail.

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