What Are The Benefits Of Social Bookmarking?

Social Media Marketing | June 21, 2017

Benefits of Social Bookmarking For SEO

This article will discuss the benefits of social bookmarking for businesses in SEO.

What Are The Benefits Of Social Bookmarking

What is Social Bookmarking?

In the digital world, content is king. However, providing outstanding content is only half the battle. You also need to make sure people can find it. Here's where social bookmarking comes in.

Social bookmarking is a technique that enables users to save links on the web for future reference. It is somewhat like creating bookmarks on the web browser, but instead of that, you save the links that you like on social bookmarking websites.

This source is the best way to get a lot of backlinks and traffic to your website, which further helps with SEO. Social bookmarking has remained the most common SEO activity for a long time now, and marketers surely understand how essential this technique is.

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Let’s discuss the advantages of social bookmarking in detail.

  1. Website Traffic:

    Social bookmarking is the best way to bring traffic to your website. If your content is worth reading, you may get much attention or start trending on your social profiles.

    You may start getting good traffic, but you must also ensure that they stay and are converted. If your bounce rate is high, something is wrong, and you must find a solution.

  2. Backlinks:

    Social bookmarking is the easiest way to build one-way links to your website. This can have a good impact on your index rate and page rank.

  3. Increase Subscribers:

    If you post interesting content, you may get subscribers to your blogs and articles and more followers on your site.

  4. Boosts Site Indexing:

    Search engines are always looking for relevant information on websites. The more unique and relevant the information, the higher the website's rank. Search engine web crawlers crawl for the latest information and updates. Later, when Google stores this new update and information, this is called indexing.

    Creating social bookmarking helps the search engine Google bots understand your content, which speeds up the indexing process. The search engine ranks the content faster compared to without bookmarking.

    Social bookmarks help Google bots find and understand your content. It speeds up the indexing process. The search engine finds and ranks your content faster than if no bookmarks existed.

  5. It's a Social Signal

    Social bookmarks are counted as social signals. This helps the search engine determine how popular your content is with the public.

    Unique content that increases web traffic also increases domain authority, and higher authority leads to a higher rank. Besides, blacking, social signals, and traffic are very helpful for SEO.

  6. Elevates SEO Value:

    Social bookmarking sites help people to search for websites and produce backlinks. Understand that maximum bookmarking generates a higher ranking on search engines.

    Also, posting unique and latest content with accurate website optimisation and ranking keywords helps generate higher web traffic on your website.

  7. A Strategy for Content Promotion:

    Social bookmarking is also valuable for content promotion. It is an efficient way to engage with the target audience and promote your services.

    Social bookmarking is also valuable for content promotion. It is an efficient way to engage with the target audience and promote your services.

    Besides, posting consistently on business websites can construct good web traffic.

  8. Allows to Share Multimedia:

    Social bookmarking helps you store bookmarks online, tag required keywords, and share content in different groups. Such websites also allow you to view your favourite websites from across the globe.

    You can save your assets easily by simply registering yourself on such websites.

  9. High visibility on search engines and enhanced brand awareness:

    Social networking websites aid you in increasing traffic on your websites; the more bookmarks you have, the chances of visitors.

Importance of Social Bookmarking

People visit social bookmarking sites because they can create and share links to popular websites. Businesses can effortlessly generate an attractive profile and participate in this community. By creating content there, you welcome website traffic.

A strong social bookmark drive can lead to thousands of new clients for your business. You can also target this new audience and attract those who are interested in the niche.

Best Methods for Social Bookmarking

  1. Give time to the finest sites

    Put in some dedicated time and effort. Make sure you do not waste your time on low-authority websites. Remember, posting on questionable or spam websites can negatively impact your domain authority. Low domain authority will reduce your ranking in search engine results.

  2. Set Your Profile on Social Bookmarking Sites

    Be consistent with your content posting across the internet. The information should be clear and concise, which helps search engines index your website.

  3. Interact With Your Audience

    Do not simply complete your bookmarking profile and disappear. Social websites operate such social media platforms.

    Make sure you interact with other users and participate when possible. Social bookmarking works better when you are active on it. However, don’t be everywhere over the internet. Select one or two core websites and stay connected to them.

    Also, make sure you are a steady, long-term user. Put together a strategy that adds new social bookmarks every week.

How to Do Social Bookmarking?

There are numerous guidelines to remember while using social bookmarking websites to bookmark a web page. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Create a distinctive title for your social bookmarking link.
  2. Create a unique description in approximately 50-100 words.
  3. Choose some tags or keywords to use during social bookmarking submission.
  4. Follow the social bookmarking website's guidelines.
  5. Don't bookmark the same URL several times.

Top 10 Social Bookmarking Sites List in 2024 For SEO

There are many social bookmarking sites, such as Digg, Pinterest, Mix, Tumblr, and more. Explore the list of the top 10 social bookmarking sites for SEO below, which will help you generate high-quality backlinks.

  1. Tumblr

    Tumblr is one of the top microblogging networks. The short-form blog content allows users to post multimedia content.

  2. Scoop.it

    Scoop.it is a content curation platform that allows users to create and share collections of web pages. Submit your content to Scoop.it to get it in front of a wider audience.

  3. X (Twitter)

    You may think Twitter is not a relevant bookmarking website, but it is. Several people use Twitter to post links, content, and images they want to visit again. It is an excellent platform for sharing web links and engaging with your audience.

  4. Dribble

    This website is a great attraction for designers. If you have a design team, it is a great place to gain inspiration and traffic.

  5. Pocket

    Pocket is a bookmarking website with an app for quickly pocketing articles. You can search for content that interests you.

  6. Reddit

    This big online community enables you to share your content with a large audience. Just make sure you find relevant subreddits to post in and avoid spamming.

  7. Flipboard

    Flipboard is a social curation platform that lets users create digital magazines featuring their favourite content. Share your material on Flipboard to reach a targeted audience.

  8. Digg

    This is a very high-authority website. If your content, fortunately, becomes popular, you can expect tons of traffic.

  9. Pinterest

    Pinterest is an excellent place to employ if your content is visual and sharing. Create visually appealing pins that point back to your website or blog entries.

  10. Diigo

    Diigo is a conventional social bookmarking platform where users can save and tag web pages. Share your material on Diigo to increase visibility and searchability.


Partner with the Best SEO Company to Take Your Social Bookmarking Strategy to the Next Level

Consider working with a best SEO company to develop a thorough SEO plan that will produce long-term results. These professionals can assist you in developing a data-driven approach to social bookmarking, ensuring that it has the greatest influence on your website's traffic and search engine rating.

By using the power of social bookmarking and working with an SEO specialist, you can elevate your content strategy and reach your online marketing objectives.


If your SEO person does not include social bookmarking activity, you need to consult our SEO Expert. Creating an online appearance on social bookmarking sites can increase your website traffic and rankings. If you have any other questions about social bookmarking, please comment to us.

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